KFC for health

Just saw a commercial that advertised KFC as “eat better” food. The ad said that a piece of their chicken has 40g protein and “just 11g of carbs.”

I always knew KFC was the perfect fat fast food…it’s fried in flax, right?

Yeah, I’m switching over from McDonalds to KFC for sure now. After that, I’m going to GNC to get some Weider Super Mass 5000! I should be HUGE within a couple of weeks!

I love the new Subway promotion that says “hey its ok i had subway for lunch!!!”

so fine i had a shitty low quality lunchmeat sandwich on a huge carb infested roll,and some low fat dressing of some sort,so now that means for dinner i can eat whatever shit want…pleeease

Oh god yes I saw this!! They had some comparison to the effect of “two pieces of our chicken has only 38g of fat as compared to a Whopper with 65” ( I know I don’t have the numbers right but it was along those lines).

Mmmmm…nothing better than something deep fried in Olestra!

If it’s fried in coconut oil or butter I might actually eat it…

Does anyone know?


KFC is fried in pure vegetable oil… mm mm good… I worked there when I was a kid. I sure as hell wouldnt eat that fried garbage…

Go Yum.com – 404

to find out the nutritional values.

These new ad campaigns leading people to believe that KFC and Subway are health foods have sunk to a new low. I am embarassed to say that I watch TV with this crap on all the time.

On a side note, I once found a feather in my potato wedges at KFC.

Some marketing genius over at KFC probably found some study that stated how many people have tried Atkins and said hey, our stuff is almost all fat and protein! Let’s cash in!

I think they’re also responding to the recent move towards healthful options at fast food places–aren’t they serving milk for kids now, low fat deserts, etc.?
The real thing is that they’re marketing these things which means they’re putting money into making people want these more healthy alternatives.

Well, going slightly against the flow here, but there have been crisis times at work or travelling when the only fast food available has been KFC. I can’t remember the exact figures (I read a study somewhere- does anybody else remember seeing this?), but if you take off that crispy batter layer, and the skin underneath, and stick to the white meat, then the damage done in regard to fat is logically drastically reduced- you’re left mainly with REAL good protein.

I know, you’re all saying the whole POINT in going to KFC is the crispy batter. But this is an emergency scenario. I don’t normally shop for my chicken breasts at KFC! Anyway, surprisingly enough, even with removing the outer coating, you can still taste that spicy peppery seasoning- MMMmmmm… Dig in!!

BTW, do I need to mention hold the fries? LOL.