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KFC 'Doubles Down'


You can post all the "I would never eat that crap" comments you want, but we all know you are going to try one anyways.


Almost as good as the McGangbang.....Wait,WHAT? That's right motherfucker.It's A double cheeseburger...with a motherfucking mcchicken(preferably a hot and spicy) sandwhich in the fucking middle.....I just jizzed in my pants while thinking about the mouth orgasim.



I'd eat that before one with a bun... But chances are it will never make it to Canada and that's a good thing.


your avatar is freaking me out.


I would never eat that crap.

They never give us the good stuff in UK.


I would eat it!


I would sample that! That looks fucking delicious. But yeah, we won't see it in Canada. I'm still waiting on the grilled chicken.


I'd sample debraD

cheeaaa buddy


KFC has been spying in my house.


Get it?


I have the urge to go to Chick Fil A and copy that sandwich with 2 chicken biscuits and their bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit.


Shouldn't this be dubbed the MFM in honor of Holy Mac?


That's called a "Feather and Leather".


this is what i picture when i think of hmac meeting deb:


Has this site been posted yet?


Yes but a reminder is always good.


Why yes it has. And that sangwich belongs there...

I would much rather have Chick Fil A version than KFC ... but they don't have Chick Fil A up here in Mass. It's a fuckin' crime against humanity .. mmm chick fil a....


It looks SWEET. Why only in Rhode Island and Nebraska though? Verily, I want one!

Oh, and you Canadians are lucky have the Double Big Mac. Tried it on vacation a couple of weeks back. God, that was good. Wish we had that in the States.

The McGangbang will be gracing the tables of Asgard this weekend...


Just posting a pic of the McGangbang was awesome. Props.


Damn I would so eat that shit!
Fantastic occaisional treat while bulking.

Probably won't see it in Ireland any time soon though. Might just head up to the local KFC and make one myself.