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Keystone XL


So it's likely we will see a bill on the President's desk, which he will likely veto. Do you think this will get done? Before 2016 or after? I don't recall if our energy independence has been discussed at length here, but it's something that should concern all of us.

Private business should be able to act free in ways they deem profitable free of government meddling. The fact that this President can block a private commercial act is disturbing to say the least.

I say it should be built for supply reasons, since almost 50% of our crude oil processed here is imported. Interesting thing is, Keystone XL will not impact the price of oil.

What are PWI's opinions on Keystone XL and energy independence/energy policy in general?



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This will be his "gimme" so he can say, "See? I'm WORKING with the Republicans!" As he rams amnesty up our collective ass.


It seems to be at odds with one of his most powerful and influential interest groups: the environmentalists (climate change crowd). Remember the speech at the UN? He cited climate change as the world's biggest threat, more so than terrorism. And also, I can see him acting as a spoiled child and refusing to cooperate just to be an arrogant jerk. I think he will reject it and insist on more obscene regulations and then claim it's they who are not working with him. I hope I'm wrong.




lol you guys sound like fox news


I don't get the amnesty card, it's a political loser no matter how you slice it. Bam will have lost 9 Senate seats, and that is after running away from amnesty. The American people don't want it, he is also setting a dangerous precident.

Fuck it, he wants to go on a kamikaze run, let him.


You see this video AC?


I had not seen that video, but it is consistent with my experience. Here in northern Virginia, particularly Arlington and Fairfax (where I live) it's like living in another country. And while many of them are "religious", their behavior leaves much to be desired.

I guess my biggest problem with the Hispanic immigrants (both legal and illegal) is that they won't learn the fucking language. My ancestors are Scandinavian, German and Italian. They all learned the language. Why can't these Spanish muther fuckers do that? Why should I have to "press 1"?

Sorry for the derail...


So, did you see the front page of the New York Times? Because it says Obama is doing Amnesty, just not using the term 'amnesty'. It's now 'immigration reform' and he is now 'enforcing the laws as is his presidential duty' if you watched his speech.

Perhaps not fox news after all.


No matter what he does it will always be wrong for republicans.


How could granting citizenship to millions and millions of illegal aliens be right? Do you think Republicans would be cheering Romney or Bush if they were about to grant amnesty to millions of third world, unskilled, illiterate people, many of whom have committed serious criminal offences beyond just criminally entering the country? This seething mass in the South West that is radically transforming the country; is that all just a Republican fantasy?


There is a couple from my city who immigrated from India. It took them years to get their citizenship. The couple had a child here when they became citizens, about 7 years ago. The man and woman speak English, both with heavy accents, but occasionally struggle from time to time with references/figures of speech. Anyway, the couple said that when they arrived home, they would default to their native language to simply talk as husband and wife. Then man realized when his son grew older, he did not want him to learn his native language. They only spoke English when he was present, and spoke their native language in private. His son began to speak English probably like we did. He even would teach English to his Grandparents. I thought it was kind of sad at first, but I was corrected. It was assimilation (although he didn't use those words).

You can image the man's horror when his son returned home from school and started speaking Spanish.


I didn't say it was right. what do you think should be done with them?


Can we start with deporting the ones in prison, or is that too much?


How about not being responsible for the 100's of thousands who sit in our jails....or the 100's of millions paid to illegals through welfare and other services.

Mexico has FAR tougher immigration laws than us, maybe we should model it on their laws.


I have no problem with that


I'm an Australian living in the US now (totally legally, have a job, pay taxes, etc etc) and I think that anyone that thinks America works without illegal immigration are just not working with a fully loaded brain. You literally would not be able to eat half the foods you eat for the price you eat them just as one example.

Now I hear the sob stories on NPR about people that came here legally then overstayed their visa, had kids, and now whinge that they need to stay for their kids. Personally I think those people are for the most part complete assholes. All they did was put the country and their kids in a really precarious situation. Not one interview has had a person coming here for persecution reasons - it's 100% economic and I have no time for them.

For those that are persecuted then absolutely America and Australia are rich countries that like to tell China, India, Pakistan etc all about human rights so they should follow their own advice and take as many as they can afford to take in.

However I have heard no real discussion from the morons against amnesty about what the country will do if all of these illegals are sent back home. Will you pay double the price to have your house cleaned, shoes shines and fleet of cars detailed? Idiots. I work in the agriculture industry and I'll tell you that 99c avacado won't be 99c anymore. Your $4 sandwich will be $8 etc just like Australia where we have super strict labour laws and high minimum wage (about $17/hr for adults I believe).

There's a middle ground. I think like anything illegal its actually 100% better to make it legal and manage it rather than keep it illegal and try to ignore that it happens - dealing with all the knock on effects and symptoms piece meal. For instance the minimum wage in this country absolutely needs to rise and that can't happen as long as a lot of those workers are undocumented. There's always 100 other undocumented workers willing to work for $4/hr of cash with no safety laws. If they're documented and able to make legal complaints it forces companies to work to the standards and protect their employees which also in turn protects you and I from having half assed quality product and food that makes us sick with salmonella, flu, etc. The current mining issues show the lack of care companies have these days for employees and how the power has shifted since the GFC.

So in short as a relative outsider I think amnesty is the right approach and then to come down on new illegals with a tonne of bricks and send them home. So many things the republicans are fighting for or against at the moment are the positions of corruption. Health Care here is a JOKE - there is too much choice and the prices are 3x that of Australia for worse care (look it up). Minimum wage is not enough to live on and the benefits are killing Americans (people NEED annual leave and real sick leave - it's financially better for a business - look it up).

America is an amazing country and the people for the most part ARE different. There is a true entrepreneurial sprit here that I love and it's exciting to work in industries here that are boring and entrenched in their ways back home. Businesses are always looking for an edge here. However I honestly believe all countries have something to learn from each other and my biggest take aways for the US would be that you need to recognise that a lot of the stuff you love like cheap clothes, food, etc are on the backs of underpaid illegals that need to stay here to continue that. Also health care setups of countries like Australia are not bad and actually remove a lot of the anxiety of everyone at all levels of income.

I really love America but just like my home country I wish politicians would open their eyes and try and get in touch with reality before trying to slam ideology down our throats. I'd also like it if more people really understood the situations involved rather than parroted fox news and politicians in general.


I have a question about property rights regarding the pipeline. No one has mentioned property rights. Do you support a foreign company using eminent domain to take land from people in the US for a global enterprise? I thought eminent domain was only used for the public good. If I was farmer, I would not want this thing on my land.