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Keychain Thingy

I don’t know what their called exactly. Their not keychains but there like the long rope thingy that you put your keys on. you can like put it around your kneck. Anyone know what im talkin about? Im trying to look for a new one. i got a free army one in school but it broke so im lookin for a new one but i dont know what their called. anyone help?

Even though I hate trends and fads, I am a good guy … eBay.

(Also look from ‘dropship’ merchants on that site. They have tons of trendy stuff.)

eBay, like Samuel Adams, is always a good decision.

I think they are just called lanyards. They have them at most sporting goods stores too.


Yes, they’re called “lanyards.” eBay? Go to any mall and find the accessories shop; yeah, even the “Clair’s”-type accessories shop for pre-teens. You’ll find lanyards in lots of different colors and designs. Or visit any sporting goods shop and ask for the lanyards.

Or visit any college bookstore near you; guarantee they’ll have them in the college colors, if that floats your boat.

I like them for my work keys, but the keys go in my pocket with the lanyard hanging out, and it catches on things; eventially, the plastic part snaps and I have to replace it.