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Keyboard Warriors In Action


I just read the most hilarious thread. Here's the summary: Three guys have a disagreement with each other, and exchange insults over the Internet. That's hardly unusual. But here is what is unusual: the three people "trading blows" all attend the same college, and thus could settle their agreement in person - via a friendly boxing or wrestling match, or whatever. They all know this. Yet instead they choose to "fight" over the Internet.

Man, do we live in a nation of coward's, or what?


I didn't bother reading all fifty billion pages of that thread, largely because you summarized it quite nicely - but man is that hilarious.


Ha! Retards.


Yup. I remember reading that and thinking the same thing.


There was definitely more to that argument than meets the eye though. It seemed to me like there may have been some sort of falling out between these individuals.

The real question is why do people feel the need to "talk shit" period? Does it really make people feel tougher, or superior to others? The real tragedy concerning that whole thread is that those three guys could all be training partners and help push each other to achieve their goals. Instead they waste their energy insulting each other and trying to bring each other down.

Sad really, when you think about it.


Fuckin sweet!

At least one of these fellas is also involved in an ongoing flame war on this thread too.


I've been tuning in every few hours to laugh my ass off.


This is what boys do before maturing into men.


So what happens when they do actually see each other at the gym?

Placing bets, anyone?

I'll put 500 down for nothing more than a staredown or empty threats.


Nah, they get into a little game of grab-ass.


I would really like to see some sort of end to the argument, however they choose, so we don't have to have them going at eachother in several threads.


That's a very enlightened way of looking at things. I'm not so Zen.

In my view, you can't be friends with everyone. Some people are douche bags. The guy who started the thread - and weight slammers in general - are douche bags. I do not want to be friends with them. I do not want them at the same gym I am at; and when I'm feeling froggy, I give them a smirk or chuckle when they do douche bag like things.

Of course, I have never said anyone online I wouldn't say to a person's face. What I hate about the Internet is that few follow a similar code of conduct.


Bosu balls will be knocked out of peoples hands.




lol cowards? kinda harsh all they were doing were talking shit. For all you know they maybe roomates typing at the same time right next to each other. I remember seeing college students typing all kinds of shit on the internet not because they wanted to be tough, just because they were in between class and thought it was funny to see people respond. They probably laughign right now looking saying wow they really take this seriuosly


SurgeFreak...is there more to the video in your avatar ? She reminds me too much of a FB I used to have...very nice....


I already asked him that a couple days ago. He had no link :frowning:


Keyboard warrior travels cross country to burn down e-rival's house.


Don't fuck with his flickr page.




My exact response.


LMAO! I just read that whole thread.