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Key Safe Required


Hi All,

My wife and I live apart. One of the problems with this is that she has shocking discipline with her household keys. She actually keeps two sets in her handbag. On one occasion I went through her handbag and found three sets...I had to look in the bag as she had just 'lost' her keys and couldn't find the others.

Can anyone recommend a key safe which has an override feature of some type so that when my wife forgets the combination or the batteries die we can manage to get her spare keys back.

I've seen plenty of wall safes in hotels with this feature but I haven't managed to find this on a key safe yet. I'm trawling Amazon at the moment and I'm not getting any joy.



More info, please.


I couldn't live with a girl who had shocking key discipline either. No wonder you got her to move out.



She dresses in black leather, oils the keys and then applies small electric shocks to their third tumbler tooth whilst yelling out 'You like that don't you bitch'!

You can't get much more shocking discipline than that.


Damn straight!

She turns up on the weekend, cleans my bathroom and then I get sex, then she leaves...I AM LIVING THE DREAM!!


So not only does she lose her keys, she can't be relied upon to remember a combination?


Remembering a combination should be easy enough. Hell just write it down on your phone somewhere. But this assumes the phone hasn't been left inside the house. Furthermore many of these things are battery powered and there is always the chance that the batteries that power the thing will fail ... just when you need it.

I'd just like to cover that base if possible for a reasonable fee.


Perhaps a bank has an option based around your ID and maybe a piece or two of identifying information? Assuming you can remember which bank.


I use this safe for handguns. It would work fine for keys too. You could actually keep lots of keys in this safe. You could even store the keys with a gun in case your wife needs to shoot someone. If the gun isn't too big you could probably even fit a few pints of emergency whiskey in the safe and still have room for the keys and some spare ammunition in case she misses.

It is a good safe. No complaints from me.


That's a fine looking safe but it won't ship to the UK. Nor will the pistol. Whisky we've got ...once she can open the door.


home depot and lowe's carries key safes that don't require batteries. do you mean the small ones like real estate agents use(@$30) or a larger fire safe size(@$145)?
Wal-Mart also carries them. probably will ship anywhere. says they have 32 supercenters in the UK


yeah, I'm confused. do you want the keysafe for inside the house, or outside?


This made me laugh.


The small ones.


Outside the house.


Hrmm I was seeing a girl like that. The issue was she was doing it during the week as well... Not with me though.

Cool if you're into that things but not sure why you'd get married and have that arrangement.


It didn't start that way. We had no choice but to live apart as she got a great new job which was 3 hours away. So we bought her a nice apartment convenient for her new job and meet up on the weekends, often taking it in turns to do the travel. Although at the moment I've been heading her way more often than not as she is on the coast and Summer has been glorious this year.

If it makes you feel better we've been together for over 25 years. Its just the last two that we've had to do this. I know quite a few people who are also in this situation. The most extreme being a couple who had for many years lived a hemisphere apart. She worked in Oxford UK, he worked in Christchurch NZ. It seemed to work for them. It probably helps when you are older.