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Kewl Tools

drool New hand sander… mmmmmmm Not anything super special or high powered, but new tools are always good! Time to attack my front porch!

Brider, thanks for the warning, I've been told this by a few people. I'll be careful, I promise. I've used a lot of large power tools and have a very healthy respect for them... I once nearly gutted myself with a Milwalkee grinder in the sculpture studio at college, that was a powerful lesson.

Jaguar is made and owned by Ford. What’s your point?

Ok, if ya’ll don’t mind my saying so, these ladies talking about tools is damn sexy. Keep up the damn sexiness ladies.

grin Why thank you! wink

Um... Jaguar was 'Jaguar' before Ford bought them. DeWalt is made by B&D, it is the high end line of products for the company, much like Porche is the high end product of the Volkswagon company.

I want a drill press...

Well Michelle, you are right in that Jaguar was Jaguar before Ford bought them but, DeWALT was formed in 1924. Black & Decker bought DeWALT in 1960.
As far as Porsche goes - it was actually the Porsche design house that designed and created Volkswagen. Porsche was also an independant car company. Today, both Porsche and Volkswagen are owned by VAG.
On the other hand a company such as Acura was created by Honda; or Lexus was created by Toyota. These companies are still run independantly though.

None of this still answers the question "What's your point". If it's in reference to my quote "Remember, if it doesn't say DeWALT, somebody else makes it" then, apperantly the only other person on this thread that's heard of the show 'Home Improvement' is brider.