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Kewl Tools

Hey, fellow T-Peoples, I’m wondering. I recently got to use a Bosch portable power drill and was very impressed. Now, Ko believes Mekita to be the best. So, my question to any of you who are “Power Tool” familiar: Which do you recommend? I’m thinking of the Bosch, since I was also told they are extremely rugged, and the power pack lasts alot longer than a Mekita’s. Opinions?

I’ve always liked Makitas. That’s M-a-k-i-t-a with an ‘A’. :slight_smile:

When it comes to power tools, nothing beats DeWALT!

Remember, if it doesn’t say DeWALT, somebody else makes it.

I have a sweet 18v Ryobi cordless set (from Home Depot) I’ve been very happy with it, and have used and abused it while gutting my house. However, if I could get anything, I’d go Milwalkee or Makita.

Both are good. Bosch seems to put out a bit more torque. Ryobi is as good as Makita but less expensive.

Ooops,sorry. I kinda realized that after I had hit “Post Message”.

But, I am really curious, since we do need to look into getting some tools. You know, for me to work on frames for art, etc. *sigh* Next up, I need to start welding. WANT to start welding!

Haven’t used Bosch, but have used Makita and Dewalt portable drills and I absolutely love them. I have a good Ryobi drill at home that I am very satisfied with, but it does not have the control of the Dewalt or Makita. Power is based more on volt size, the the power from a similar Dewalt, Makita, and Ryobi dril are very comparable.

As a side note, I used to really be into car audio and every single car audio installer that I knew (I worked at a busy shop) used a Makita. I think that says something pretty powerful about that brand of tool.

Dewalt’s kick ass, as do Milwaukee’s.


Honestly, any power drill gives the user a satisfying experience. Have you ever seen SORRORITY HOUSE MASSACRE, or SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE? The bad guy uses a power drill to murder his victims. Very classy stuff

Binford all the way.

Milwakee been good to me.

try the 18v dewalt, i used one for three months straight, 8-10hours per day, 45-55hours per week. bad ass drill

I had meant in my post that I had realized that Makita had a A not a E.

Milwaukee. Never thought about that one. I guess the best thing to do would be for me to try different ones first.

But due to Jason N and Michelle: I'm gonna check out the Ryobi.


I have the ‘kit’ including a halogen flash light, drill, recriprocating saw, circular saw (cute little 5 inch blade), two 18v batteries, charger and carrying case. Like I said, I used it while gutting my house, the recip saw was powerful enough to cut through wall studs - not a big deal for a ‘plug in’ tool, but impressive for a cordless.

The only drawback is the flashlight bulb is halogen and they go out if you drop the flashlight off the 7 foot ladder. innocent look The replacement bulbs are about $3 each.

A friend of mine is giving me a radial arm saw on 'extended loan' this weekend... woo hoo! My next purchase is a table saw with a planer and router attachment... Um, excuse me, I have to go now....

And have you ever seen “Driller Killer” - I believe by Abel Ferrara? A must for any connoiseur of driller movies. :wink:

Be VERY careful with the radial arm saw. More people have lost fingers with those than any other piece of power equipment. My theory is that it’s because the blade isn’t in a fixed position, but for whatever reason, it’s true. Please, be VERY aware of the blade path before moving the carriage.

Every time I buy a new tool for my collection (I am a Contractor) I due a quick review of Fine Homebuilding and Woodworkers magazine. Each year these to fine publications due tool comparision. As with a car there are great differences between power drills, table saws, etc. It all depnds on what you are planning to use them for. Same with which is the best fighting style. Personally, I prefer FAO (Forward Area Observer).

Actually, DeWalt is made and owned by Black & Decker.