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KevinTx Mass Made at Home Log

Beginer here new to forum. Trying to come over from strength training , decided to grow some meat with kbs and bodyweight . Just untill i get money together for barbell set. 34 years old, Ht. 6’2. Wt. 180lbs. Bodyfat about 18% approximated with calculator (no way to check). Lets see how big with minimal equipment i can get. Get this challange started.

Going to be following along. I have no equipment apart from rocks,kegs and bodyweight for a while so im interested in your training. Welcome to Tnation!

Hey thanks man

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Been tough getting started, car trouble moving a family member but managed a few sets today. Dbl kb front squats 2-20kg kbs 3 sets of 20 reps. 10 sets of 5 each side clean and press 24 kg kb. 3sets of 10 feet elevated pushups. Not much of a start but a start anyway

Motivation level is pretty low today, I need to push it anyway. A little cardio might be what i need . Get my blood pumping.

100 long cycle clean and jerks w/ 16kg kb did the trick got me ready to lift.

Managed 2 sets of 20 with double kb front squats tonight with russian ladders overhead press 24kg 4 sets of 1,2,3,4,5.

Active rest 100 -1 arm kb swings with 32kg

Decided to add dumbells in the mix. Been doing 70% rm 3sets of 11 on all exercises for upper body two move superset per group plus heavy kb swings and dbl kb front squats

Shit pulled my lower back this week was a dead stop but today managed some dumbell floor presses this morning feeling tons better.

3-12 bent over rows 2 x50lbs , flies 3-12 30lbs. Floor press 4-8 60 lbs 50 kb swings 70 lbs

Got some double end bag cardio this morning. Trying to get my accuracy and timing back in my boxing training

4-10 dumbell floor presses w/60lbs x2 incline flies 30lbs x2 3-15 .

Double kb racked squats 2-20 reps this morning then some double end bag training for a lil cardio.