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Kevin's Lifting/Rowing Training Log

Wednesday June 9, 2010


  • 3k warmup

Starts Practice (based on 4 stroke start)
5x 1st stroke
5x 1st 2 strokes
5x 1st 3
5x 1st 4
3x start + 1
2x start + 10
1x Start + 20

3k cooldown

Thursday June 10, 2010

Easy Bench- worked up to 185 (lbs) for a couple. Again, just greasing the groove

Friday June 11
Nothing. Travel Day

Saturday June 12, 2010

APU Provincials

Squat: 160 / 175 / 190
Bench Press: 100 / 110 / 120
Deadlift: 190 / 215 / 230
Totaled 540 kgs / 1188lbs

All in all, cannot complain about my first meet. Went 9/9 and got 1st in the 100k junior class. Now, this doesn’t mean much as the 90k junior out totaled me but lifting raw I’ll take it.
I will have to cut down to 90, or gain some good lean mass (or both) before westerns though. Weighed in at 94, but just didn’t want to have to worry about cutting for my first meet.

Squat and Dead PR’s, I’d benched 120 touch and go before so I guess you might call that a PR too.

Gonna back off the weights a bit this cycle. Basing them off this meet but I’ll probably work off 90-95% since they’re competition lifts. I also need to take better care of myself, if you were curious.

Monday June 14, 2010

1- Weight

  • Warmup A
  • Fills: Calf Stretch, Squat Stretch

A1: Bench Press- 1:30 rest
A2: Press- 1:30
B: Chinups
15x3x6 / BWx5x6
Dips- 1:30
A: Reverse Curls- 30ish reps
B: Low Cable Row, single handles- 30ish reps
C: Scap Pushups- Bwx8x3

2- Rowing Practice/ Things not rowing

Run- 3x~2k lap
1- 8:40
2- 9:02
3- 9:40

Stretch out after
Times approximate. Distance approximate too.

Still a little tired from the weekend, maybe benching on monday was a bad move. Oh well
Got my new lifting shoes in the mail today, looking forward to trying them out tomorrow on snatch/squats. If you live in canada and (warning: blatent plug coming) and want some shoes I’d strongly recommend power firm. Got great service and the shoes fit well.

Tuesday June 15, 2010


  • warmup A
  • Fills: Calf Stretch, Dislocates

Snatch - 1:00 rest
Squat- 3:00
Romanian Deadlift- 1:30
Overhead Squat- 1:00

Stretch out

Not the best day ever, everything felt heavy as balls and I just wanted to lie down and sleep.
Everything’s dialed back post meet, so not sure if this is just residual meet fatigue or maybe the lack of sleep and not eating much played a role too.
Edit: Looking back, I think the running played a role. Not conditioned to run right now and my legs are feeling it tonight.
I’ll see how the rest of the week goes.
Will likely be PVC rolling and stretching out again before bed

Good lifting at the meet Kevin

Well thank you sir, you seem to have had a pretty decent day yourself, haha

I really should poke around your log more, we seem to be doing fairly simlar things with respect to pl/weightlifting

Wednesday June 16, 2010


  • 3k warmup

3x1500m. Rate 30 for 1st 1000, max rate for last 500

  • Done in 1x

5 min: Squat, upright row, dead to upright row, crunch.

Sometimes I wonder about this “weights” shit, all it does is make me tired for no tangible training effect. If squatting for 5 min with an empty bar is hard, first off you need to get stronger, not try to squat for 6 minutes. ugh
From what I’ve seen of rowing, there seems to be a ton of “bro science” still floating around. Especially contrasted with powerlifting- maybe other rowers can chime in on this. Is it an isolated thing?

Thursday June 17, 2010


  • Warmup A
  • Fillers: Calf Stretch, Hip flexor stretch, band traction

A1: Press- 1:30 rest
A2: Bench Press- 1:30
90x5x6, 70x10x2
B: Barbell Row
75x5x6, 60x10x2
Pullovers- 1:00 rest
24x8/10/10/8, 12’s x6
A: Skullcrushers
B: Pullups
C: Band face pull- 3 rounds of giant set

Stretch out

No training Friday- at grad with the lady

Saturday June 19, 2010

Cleans- 1:00
Deadlifts- 2:00

Sunday June 20 (what I didn’t finish on saturday)

Front Squats- 1:30

That was…interesting. A PR for 20’s for me- I think it’d be cool to take 145 (or more) for 20. So I’m gonna do it.

Hey been glancing at your log occasionally when updating mine cos i’m interested to see how a fellow rower is writing their program, pretty strong lifts man! Hope i can have your type of strength when im your age.

Wanted to chime in with regards to the ‘weights’ with rowing shit, at my school it was like that, where i would wonder why the hell we were even doing the weights as you had loads that some could do for 20 reps and others for 5, but the coaches seemed to think that just doing a continuous circuit like this worked, but i don’t think i ever truly got stronger from doing those weights, just a little more pissed off every session

haha sorry bout me venting some of my anger there, just my 2 cents with regards to ur comment.

One quick question: i really struggle to improve on increasing my squat numbers, any tips you reckon you could throw my way??

Keep on keepin on brother, dec.

I enjoy this

“When you are born, you are set forth to die. The fact that you live or don’t live between these two dates depends solely upon your own will, opportunities and desires. The weight exerciser, of course, indicates that he chooses to live.”
Joseph Curtis Hise

@ decmc:
Why not be strongerthan I am? Haha, but seriously. I’ve been lifting weights in one way or another since grade 10 but really only got my shit together midway through my first year of university. You’ve got plenty of time

But don’t worry about the ranting, believe me I feel the same way. I like to think I’m a decent trainer, and my girlfriend has done some elite athlete training (some girls she trained are going to london) and we both just shake our heads through it, and then bitch after.
It’s the risk you take I guess. My coach is a great technical coach…but he’s never studied exercise science and it shows.

I took a peek through your log and really didn’t see too too much to fix. If anything- you may want to consider simplifying things for a while. One thing I realized was a mistake was assuming different methods needed different exercises.

I’d do stuff like take a heavy single on squats then try to get some volume in on ham curls and pistol squats, or something like that. The basic barbell stuff is still the go-to exercise, even if you’ve done it already. Squat, press, pull, repeat. If you want strength, push them heavy.

Want mass too? drop down for a couple high rep sets afterwards. I know rowers aren’t the best example of getting a full nights sleep so if that’s you…fix it. It makes a huge difference for me.

I’m being very very general on purpose- it’s about the best I can do without asking a ton of other questions as well. Honestly, I’m beginning to think more and more that as long as your program isn’t too ridiculous and you’re putting in the work, anything works. Basic training principles are universal- progression, overload, recovery, etc.

Follow them and you will improve, because there really is no other option. I followed 5/3/1 for a while and it worked great, trying out the doug hepburn routines right now and while it’s too early to really tell, I think it’s going to work out great too.

Anyway, onto the task at hand

Monday June 21, 2010

1- Weight

Jerks- 1:00 rest
A1: Bench Press- 1:30 rest
A2: Press- 1:30
B: Chinups
10x3x7, Bwx8/7/6/5/4

“Stone” continentals (to shoulder) with D-Ball (in lbs)
75/100/125/150 x6- 1:00 rest

2- Row(ing Practice)

2x~2k Run
1- 9:20
2- 8:30 (decided to quit being a bitch, even if running makes me sore)
5 min- Squat, upright row, dead to upright row, crunch

8k, Rate 24

  • Done in 2x

Thunder kept us off the water initially, hence the messed up workout.
But again, this was another one of “those” days. I’ve been getting more and more frustrated with rowing lately. I love the sport, but the club is not a positive training environment. Haven’t gotten any real coaching in oh…6 weeks and everyone who’s been around a while has a bitchy power complex.
And they wonder why I like the gym so much.

On the bright side- first time playing around with the d-balls and those things are hella fun. I train at the same gym ED and Powergnp do. Yes, you can say it, we’re spoiled. Maybe I’ll post a shameless gym pimping video sometime

Did you try loading the DBalls onto the step-up platform (top notch on the EFS Collegiate racks)? 150 becomes a pretty decent challenge.

Cheers for the reply man, think you may have hit the nail on the head with the simplifying thing, i kinda get over excited and go a lil overboard… and every time i start a program i scrap it within the week cos i’m the type of person who has to be doing more and more of something everyday otherside i feel lazy.

and plus i’ve never trained using singles or doubles so i’ll start doing that once i get back from germany and i bet my number’s will start shooting up.

Thanks once again, Dec

------------ Pain is temporary, glory is forever -----------

Tuesday June 22, 2010

  • w/u A

55x1x14- 1:00 rest
150x3x7- 2:00 rest
Romanian Deadlift
120x5x5- 1:30 rest
Overhead Squat
45x5x7- 1:30

20kg x ~60m round trip x6 (Probably referred to here on out as short trips). 1:00 rest
After that I was pretty much barbecued, stretched out for 10 and had a walk to cool off (and get to my car)

It always seems so strange to me. I’ve got tons of fitness but move out of my comfort zone (rowing) and suddenly I’m not really in that great of shape. This new approach should remedy that.
Also not 100% sold on the OH squats. Good for stability, but they might be better placed in an accessory role rather than a main movement. Feel free to chime in

[quote]justkevin wrote:

Also not 100% sold on the OH squats. Good for stability, but they might be better placed in an accessory role rather than a main movement. Feel free to chime in



You would, haha

It doesn’t solve my “I suck at overhead squatting” problem but I can think of ways around that. Maybe I’ll actually just start squatting my snatches. Some high bar might be more useful in there…

I hate to jump on the “I tried it for 3 weeks and didn’t get hyooooge so it doesn’t work” train, but taking 45k for 5’s when I squat 4x that may not be the smartest strength approach ever.

And if you’re wondering about the stupid number of sets on snatch- I’m doing “doubles”. Weight and work density are the same as if I was doing 7 sets of 2 but this allows more and better practice, which is the point with O lifts right now.

I suck at OH Squats too, my best is 125kg, which in relation to my back and front squat is pretty ghey.
When I am doing the O lifts in training, I never just overhead squat though, I do full snatches, or squat some of my power snatches, and throw in some snatch recovery/drop snatch. Doing that really increased my comfort in the OH squat position.



You’re a bit of a dick, you know that?

Anyway, that’s probably what I’m gonna do. Squat all my snatches, whether they needed it or not (ie either squat snatch or power snatch with a squat) and if I really have some catch issues add in some drop snatch.

Wednesday June 23, 2010

warmup- PVC Roll

Insert: 15/12/9
KB Swing w/ 28kg

~100m run between
(This was embarassingly hard… shit)

A: Glute Ham Raise BWx8x3
B: BB Stepover 10/legx3
C: Dragon Flag BWx4x3

A: Reverse Hyper 40x10/10/8
B: Cossack Squat Repsx3
C: Hanging Leg Raise BWx8x3

Stretch Out- Focus on legs

Thursday June 24, 2010


90x1x6- 1:00 rest
A1: Press
60x3x7- 1:30 Rest
A2: Bench Press
90x5x7- ~1:30 rest (had to increase on the last 2 sets)
Barbell Row
B1: 70x5x7
B2: 60x8x6, 60x7/6
Pullovers (w/ EZ Bar)
30x9/8/86- 1:00 rest

This was hard. Why was this hard? My heart rate likely didn’t drop under 150 the whole damn time. I mean, yes that’s the whole point of controlling my rest but still. Apparently I’m not in as good of shape as I like to believe