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Kevin's Lifting/Rowing Training Log

Well Hi all. This seems like a good place to keep a training log.

Some background info:
I’m a Canadian lifter/rower living in edmonton. Been competing in rowing for 3 years, have yet to compete in lifting (either kind) but I plan to change that in the near future. As of now, I am neither as strong or as fast on the water as I’d like to be, so I’m trying to change both those things.
So, I’m either a rower who lifts too much, or a lifter who does waaay too much GPP. Either way, it works for me for now.

It’s Monday May 17, beginning my third week of on water training and my third week of the training program- which is a bit of an experiment. More info, not much of it relevant. Maybe I’ll post it later.

And here we go…
Now would be a good time to mention all weights are in kg’s unless otherwise indicated

Monday May 17, 2010

1- Weight

  • warmup A (long and convoluted. I’ll post if someone asks but otherwise…)

Snatch- 2:00
Clean- 2:00
Squat- ~3:00
120x3 / 137.5x3 / 155x4 / 160x2x4
Good Morning- 1:30
100x3x4 / 80x12
Overhead Squat- 1:30
Leg Press

2- Rowing Practice

  • 3k warmup

6000m, Rate 28

  • Done in 2x

Bw squats x200

Interesting to see another lifter who does rowing. Any chance of seeing some stats of lifts and rowing times? Anyway good luck with the training.

Well thank you,

Anyway, assuming just basic stuff?

Best 2k so far is 6:37. 6k…don’t ask
Squat: 185 (all these in kg’s)
Bench: 120
Dead: 225
Press: 75
C+J: 105 (ugh)
Snatch: 70

These are PR’s mind. If I tried to hit those tomorrow I’d likely bomb most of them, lifts are taking a temporary nosedive as I get used to the added volume of summer.

Tuesday May 18, 2010
1- Weight

  • Warmup A

Bench Press- 3:00ish
82.5x3 / 95x3 / 105x3 / 100x2x4
Push Press- 1:30
Chinups- 1:00
25x1x6 / Bwx9
Close Grip Incline Bench- 1:30
175x3x3 / 175x2 / 135x8
DB Rows- 1:00
90x5x4 / 90x10
Thick Bar Curls- 1:00
s/s Band Pullaparts

2- Row

  • 3k Warmup

3x2000m, Rate 24

  • Done in 8+

Wednesday May 18, 2010

1- Erg

  • 10 min warmup

4x3 min, 3 min rest
Avg: 316 W / 1:43.5 / 3480m Total / 31spm

2- Row

  • 3k warmup

12x Start+ 30s, Rate max

  • Done in 1x
    4k Cooldown, Rate ~18

Thursday May 20, 2010

1- Weight

Snatch- 2:00
Clean- 2:00
Deadlift- 3:00
147.5x3 / 170x3 / 190x3 / 190x2x4
Front Squat- 2:00
High Pulls- 1:30
sg 90x3x4 cg 110x3x4

Left out the leg press today, still too damn sore from those stupid bodyweight squats on monday

2- Row

8k, Rate 18-20

  • Done in 1x

Was supposed to be 12k, ran short on time.

Friday May 21, 2010

1- Erg

6x20s, 4x30s, 2x40s
Avg- 412 W / 1:34.7 / 39spm

2- Row(ing practice)

Tank- 2x8 min, Rate 24

Erg- 1x2000m, Rate 24
281 W / 1:47.6 / 7:10 / 24 Rate

“Weights” (I use the term loosely)
2.5 min each w/ 45 lbs
Upright Row
Dead to upright Row

Oh my crazy romanian coach and his weights…better not be sore for pressing tomorrow.

Saturday May 22, 2010

Jerks- 2:00
Press- 3:00
52.5x3 / 60x3 / 67.5x3 / 65x2x4
Bb Rows- 1:00
75x5x4 / 70x14
Dips- 1:00
35x3x4 / 20x8
Chinups- 1:00
Skullcrushers- 1:00

You did not link me, I’m disappointed.

[quote]Snatch- 2:00

So excuse my ignorance, but this means you’re completing all reps for the given lift in this time period? or that’s your rest between sets?

Sorry hoss, just slipped my mind.

But no. The numbers are definitely rest periods. Maybe one day I’ll be that awesome.

In other news, I admit it. I’m bored. Switching program after this last week. 4 day, upper/lower heavy/light setup. Putting assistance on the back burner for now, going to run a few months of concentrating on main lifts and then come back to a little more variety.
Unless this works well, that is. If that happens I’ll just stay on it

Monday May 24, 2010

1- Weight

130x5 / 145x3 / 165x1 / 160x2x5
Good Morning- 1:00
Overhead Squat (still sucking at these)
20x5 / 30x5 / 40x5
Leg Press
180 (lbs) x70

2- Row
-3k warmup

6k, Rate 28

  • Done in 1x
    Run: 2x~2k lap

Distances are approximate, current is up today.

Tuesday May 25, 2010


Bench Press - 2:00
87.5x5 / 100x3 / 112.5x1 / 100x2x5
Push Press - 1:30
Chinups - 1:00
25x1x7 / Bwx8
Close Grip Incline Bench- 1:00
175x2x5 (in lbs)
Db Row - 1:00
Thick Bar Curls - 1:00
s/s Band Pullaparts

And yep it’s settled. Money is in the mail, I’m going to APU provincials on June 12th.
Fully expect to get my ass kicked, but I’m looking forward to it big time.

Wednesday May 26, 2010

1- Weight (The “didn’t get to this monday” workout)


2- Row

  • 1k warmup

2x4k, Rate 24

  • Done in 1x

5x Hill sprints

Friday May 28, 2010

  • Warmup A

160x5 / 180x3 / 202.5x1
Front Squat

At which point my lower back said “uhhhh, no” so pulled the plug early.
Note to self- snatch and cleans in one workout before deads = bad idea

Saturday May 29, 2010

Freeze or Fry Regatta

At the prestigious freeze or fry this year I raced…nothing.
If you don’t live in Alberta, it rained all day and now it’s snowing. Other clubs got stuck on the highway and I’m not usually a fan of that whole “hypothermia” thing so didn’t go for a fun row like some other people did.

Instead I pressed

-warmup A

57.5x5 / 65x3 / 75x1 / 65x2x5
Bb Row
Chinups (various grips)
Bwx5x8 / Bwx4/3/3
Db Pullover

Stretching and PVC/foam rolling now.

Starting the higher volume phase next week. More work on main lifts, and then supplemental/accessory stuff will be lighter for more reps. Tried it out today with chins and dips and liked it. Also reducing the volume of olympic lifts for the next 3 months to 1/week for each with some doubles. All the pulling off the floor with rowing 6 days a week is keeping my back perma-tired and I don’t feel like getting injured.

Monday May 31, 2010
1- Weight

  • warmup A
  • Fillers: Band traction, Dislocates, T spine MFR, Calf Stretch

55x2x5 / Pull: 90x3
Overhead Squat
40x5 / 45x5x4
Bb Hip Thrust
70x10 / 80x10x2
Glute Ham Raise

Stretch: Hams, Calves, Squat

2- Row

  • 3k Warmup

10k Row, Rate ~16

  • Done in 2x

Recovery A: Lots of rolling/stretching

Tuesday June 1, 2010

  • Warmup A
  • Fillers: Stretch Calf, Ham, Squat Stretch

Bench Press
Chinups (various grips)
15x3x5/ Bwx5x8
T- Bar Rows (various grips)
Curls s/s Band Pullaparts

Slept in, no row today. I’ll either row it or erg it tomorrow morning.
Got the mother of all funnybone whacks today on a band peg, haha. Still hurts, going to ice it tonight

Wednesday June 2, 2010


  • 3k Warmup

4x1000m, Race Rate

  • Done in 1x

This felt…like shit. ugh. Being the only single on the water doesn’t exactly help, but I could not set that boat up to save my life.

Oh, and listen to this song while you lift. Trust me

Friday June 4, 2010

1- Weight

  • warmup A
  • Fill: Calf Stretch

Clean + Jerk
Front Squat

2- Row

  • 3k Warmup

12x30s sprint, Rate max

  • Done in 1x

10x Hill sprints

Saturday June 5

Press- 1:30 rest
Bench Press- 1:30
100x3x5, 70x10x2
Bb Row- 1:00
Pullovers (w/ Kb)- 1:00
20x10 / 24x10/8/6/6 / 20x10
Bwx5x10 (50 Reps total)

Hmm so maybe that whole “rowing like shit” thing was me just needing a rest. Went to bed wed night and…woke up 10 hours later. No time to train so called thursday a day off and will train sunday. Deload next week for Provincials on the weekend.

And fuck, my elbow better be healed by then. Still bugging me, bench was alright but skulls were brutal

Monday June 7


Tuesday June 8

60x5 / 80x4 / 100x3 / 120x1
Also pulled a random deadlift with 140 (or rather, 315lbs)

Just greasing the groove. Life/my body are deloading me whether I like it or not. Not a bad thing, but I’m antsy to train.
The 140 dead felt light as hell though, as did the 120 squat. I suppose if they didn’t I’d be seriously concerned about this meet- looking to dead 225kg on my third and squat 190-195.

Oh yeah I suppose I didn’t mention that. Going to APU provincials this weekend. It’s an IPF meet and I’m showing up with a belt so I fully expect to get my ass kicked, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.