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Kevin Oak 242 Squat Record


Any body knows if this comes with an asterisk for questionable depth?

No but seriously how do they do the record for Squats only? Or does it not matter because it is the first lift so you could easily go take a couple token lifts for a fake total?

A bit of history he switched to Low Bar then back to High Bar (over the last few years) and then was dealing with a ton of Quad Tendonitis or what ever. (I kind of think that was his Quad getting reacquainted with the extra stress had a lot to do with that but I am not a doctor.)

Well now his Squat is better than ever. Point for us High Bar lifters.

Also he says he will be competing in wraps at Kern US Open (Wheels 242 Sleeves is not in danger from Oak)


That’s the deepest squat in the history of the USPA


That depth looked fine in any fed to me.

I was wondering why he did this meet. Personally id rather try and get that money before the world record.

I dunno if there’s much money to be won TBH with such a stacked field this year at the Open. Maybe a couple of grand tops if he performs well and he probably won’t be taking the wrapped record if he competes in the 275s as it has him rostered on the website or even the 242s for that matter.

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I assume a lot of guys will get hurt though like last time with big cuts and stupid attempts. If I was in his position id go in for the best total I could get on the off chance winning is possible. To set the sleeved squat record then go in just doesn’t make sense.


I’m assuming the OP’s comment about depth was sarcasm. This guy squats like an Olympic lifter in training, high-bar and practically ATG. Incredible.

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That was a very well done squat! The depth looks great to me!

Way below legal depth

Hahha yea the Depth Comment was sarcasm. Great Squat. I am really wondering how the record thing for Squat only works though?


HOLY SHIT I just looked at the Kern Roster. I think I am most excited to see Andrew Hause and Chris Bridgeford. I have not seen any of their comp lifts just training on IG.

After watching Big Boy train I will be curious to see his depth.

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Gonna be interesting for sure, calling it now - Yury pulls 455 kg beltless.


*… see it was sarcasm… :angry:


I dunno about that. If the win is secure and it’s there he is gonna go 461kg. Maybe if he needed 455kg for the win but outside of that I think he wants that 461kg

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so much damn weight lol