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Kevin Nee - Youngest Strongman


Anyway watching the 2005 WSM on ESPN2? If so what do you guys think of Kevin Nee from Arizona? He's 6'1" 260lbs @ 20yrs old. The youngest in WSM history. Very impressive.

I also saw a special on MTV True Life I want the Perfect body where it showed him at 18 training to get his Pro Card. Anyone got any info on him?


yeah i saw him on True Life as well. in the show he didn't even win his pro card. it's great to see he's gone pro and not only that made it to the world championships


also, he was a standout BASKETBALL star believe it or not in high school..here's a little article on his high school career



and a heck of a nice guy! Always more than willing to help out other guys and very down to earth. I have had an opportunity to train with Kevin at Scott's house which with Kevin, Scott, and some of the other guys make a heck of a place to train!


Kevin is a freak of nature. It's very possible for him to become a WSM in the future if he puts in the hard work. He is very focused in his training and I think that showed in his WSM debut. Josh is right, he is very well mannered and mature for his age and represents the USA extremeley well in my opinion.

He was very close in the medley in his heat and had not trained fingal fingers leading up to China. Combine that with a very solid group and he definitely had his work cut out for him.

He is from Boston, but goes to school here in Arizona. He has been training events at my house since late August but trains back home at Art McDermott's place, now PPC East.

The MTV True Life show he was 19 and missed out on his pro card, losing to Josh Thigpen, who you may have seen earlier on WSM 2005. He later won his HW pro card in Hawaii.

I can tell you though, he is not 260 lbs. He weighs 240-245 lbs. which is even more impressive that he can hang with those guys.

My claim to fame is that I beat Kevin in training on the arm-over-arm truck pull and also the bag carry for maximum distance. I had to share that with you guys....hahaha!


Kevin is an animal who I have seen compete in person. He is a great guy and will do big things in the future. Hopefully he'll end up in Texas where I train with Josh Bryant.


The MTV Special "True Life-I want the perfect body 2" comes on today at 5 which features kevin nee training to get his pro card


Kevin Nee is definitely a freak of nature! He's the future of WSM...


Haha, funny, he was on TV on two channels at once then...






I'm 19 and find him to be a huge inspiration. I'm just curious, for those who trained with him? What was he like when he started, height, weight, and lift wise? Thanks


I've known Kevin for a few years. He's always been a very strong kid. But he has also worked very hard to get where he is.