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Kevin Levrone Hits 4.4 40 at Age 42


Fastest man in the world his age? (starts@ 7:40)

Also he might be 45!!


Well, I'm convinced. That's an authoritative 40 time if I've ever seen one.


Dude I counted to like 9 one thousand. Not sure how you got 4.4...


pretty hard to judge a 40 time from a head on view but he moves really well. I dont know much about Levrone's athletic background (only his BBer stuff)

Did he play college ball anywhere?


hahahaha! Its 9 Mississippi... duh

If you go to his website he has the times posted on their (hence the 4.4)

I was really hoping to see his vert, broad jump and 225lb bench press. Maybe that'll be in the next video?


Vert and Broad jump are coming up




According to the timestamp on the video, he starts running at mid 7:45:30-ish and reaches the camera at 7:51-ish. That's not 4.4 seconds to me.


4.4 is a conservative time. I got between 4.29 and 4.38 with a shitty stopwatch on my phone.




Try it.
Bottom line, for a guy over 40 he's fast as fuck.


he certainly is in great shape, and can run faster than my pokey ass...

But it is funny as shit to time that video like that.




I thought it ended at the 40 yard line (not at the camera). in which case it was definitely less than 5 seconds (ended before 7:50)


shit man 30 reps is good. I'd like to try that 225 bench press and see what I could get. I dont do BB bench (only DB's for the past few months) but I'd like to try it out and see what I could get.


I think it supposed to end at the 40 yard line as well but you cant really see what yard line he is starting on. you cant tell if he's starting on the goal line or the 5 or the 10? A head on angle is terrible for a timed 40. You need a side view.


Why is he doing this NFL combine training?


That is a great athlete right there.


I think its an attempt to sell his supplement.


Perhaps, but it's more of his "Endless" transformation I've read. I've been keeping up with the Levrone report ever since he begun. He's made such insane jumps in strength, speed, SIZE, and the guy is fucking lean.

MD called his bullshit and challenged a full blood work test, Levrone agreed and passed with flying colours.

He's considering competing in Natural show, but I heard a rumor he's not quite satisfied with his Olympia days... Just a rumor :wink:

The man is a genetic Marvel.


Wasnt he trying to become an actor.
I think he should be the next riddick.