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Kevin Levrone - fastest man alive?

To anyone who hasn’t heard about this, I just thought you might find it interesting and/or amusing:

PUT UP OR SHUT UP! 2002 LEVRONE ON TRACK TO RACE CHAMBERS! He asked for it. He got it. Months ago, Kevin Levrone claimed to be the fastest men alive and challenged world-class sprinters around the globe to take him on. Now, one has. In an event titled “Put Up or Shut Up,” Dwain Chambers, ranked as the second best sprinter in the entire world, will take on the Mr. Olympia runner-up on December 11 at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. This meet will pit the second best athletes in their respective sports in a mano-a-mano grudge match that will finally either confirm Levrone’s status as a world-class speedster or send him back to Baltimore as master of only one domain. The mercurial bodybuilder, who will compete next in the 2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic on March 1, is confident he’ll blow some minds in Orange County on December 11.

The British-born Chambers won a gold medal in the 100 meters at the 2002 European Championship and is ranked second in the world behind Tim Montgomery and one spot ahead of third-ranked Maurice Greene. The race is being arranged with the invaluable help of Victor Conte of Balco Labs. Conte, the creator of the supplement ZMA, has organized the ZMA Track Club, a group of world-class track and field athletes that he advises on nutritional and training issues. Chambers is a member of the ZMA team. Also, Milos “The Mind” Sarcev, who a couple of years ago developed a weight training program for Montgomery, now the world’s fastest man, is currently performing the same services for Chambers at the invitation of Conte. Sarcev will also be present at the race.

thats odd, can you let us know how it turns out, or if there are sites with more info, thanks Ed

Interesting. Keep us posted on the results.

Darn, if this is for real I wish I was back home right now, this is an event that has to be televised. Funny as heck seeing a HyOOOGE mutha out there sprinting.

Is this a joke? What’s next, Ronnie in the UFC? I welcome both!

Alright, I’m confused. Is Levrone the bodybuilder who thinks he is the fastest man alive?

Man oh man. I predict Levrone pulls out at the last minute with an “injury”. If not, he’ll get his ass handed to him so badly it won’t even be funny.

I had the experience of enduring Kevin and his band perform at the 2001 Night Of Champions after party. Kevin is, in contrary to the many judgements passed here, a great influence on speed. I have never seen so many individuals race off a dance floor with such tenacity and fervor in my current lifetime as I witnessed that eve. Kevin, trooper that he is, and engulfed in his own intense world, failed to notice, performing, from what I recall, a four hour set. Even the band left.

MBE: “The next best thing to obsessive compulsive self-mutilation since 1800.”


Well…interesting, however stupid it may sound. Also nothing would surprise me from possibly the most physically genetically gifted man on earth. Of course, the downside is that he probably has a double digit IQ and will drop dead of a weird genetic disease in the next couple of years.

This is so ridiculus. You know what? I think I’m the strongest man alive. Kaz better watch his back.

I agree with Apollo about Levrone’s genetics. Whatever your opinions on bodybuilding as a “sport”, the fact is, Levrone pisses around all year, doesn’t hardly train, about 3 months before the Mr O decides to compete. Shows up, smokes everyone and comes second. Freaky genetics indeed. He even got taken off of this year’s Dead Pool simply because he only has to train/drug himself for 2 or 3 months out of the year. Beat a sprinter? I doubt it but ya never know.

I smell dumb publicity stunt.

I wont say that Levrone has a chance to win, but we still must consider the following:

  1. He is nowhere his 250-260lbs physique most of te year. Most of the time he is a very lean 220 or so, not that far off from some elite sprinters and certainly in the same range as some elite running backs which do have dcent speed.

2. He has great genetics. The fact that he can gain as much muscle mass as quickly (even considering his steroid use) indicate that he is extremelly high in fast-twitch fibers, which indicate at least a *potential* for speed.

3. If he takes this challenge seriously (chances are that he is since he is the one who made the challenge) it's likely that he will train for sprinting and given his great genetics it's likely that he can improve his speed tremendously.

  1. The AAS issue. I wont say that elite sprinters are not on AAS (Charlie Francis would smack me behind the head if he would hear me say that), but Levrone surely has access to more drugs and have trained while “on” more than sprinters who still have to pass drug tests (so they are limited in their drug choices).

5. For Levrone this is "his" world championship. It's likely that he will train like a madman and see this competition as is most important, whereas Chambers will probably see this as just a walk in the park.

6. It does look like a marketing scam ...

So really anything could happen! Not saying that Levrone would normally have a shot, but in these conditions you never know.

obviously this article is incorrect, first, if someone wanted to race world class sprinters, one wouldn’t have to challenge them until they excepted, they would instead have to enter a few meets, run a respectable time and get invited to meets where world class athletes competed. Or, there are many meets this guy levrone could go to and get his ass kicked by some college athletes rather than be embarassed by dwain chambers, who i must say is only ranked #2 in the world because it isn’t an olympic year. In conclusion, this is track’s off season, the race won’t happen, i don’t think dwain chambers is going to race some nobody for no money in the off season, what does he have to gain… this article is made up.

christian, i agree with all of your points except one. that is that his body is close to that of a running back and therefore he could have pretty good speed since running backs do. yes running backs have pretty gooog speed compared to the average man, but they are not even the fastest guys on their own team. let alone against a world class sprinter.

Daz, actually its not made up. Milos himself has been talking about it on Chad Nicholls board and his own board. He is going to be there himself as its in the Fullerton area.

However, Milos feels that Levrone wont even show up.

Okay, I did the requisite google search. The only “official” info I found was on Flex online (as we all know, the world’s most reliable track magazine). Here’s an interesting line: “The race is scheduled for 2 PM on December 11. Please do not contact the college regarding this event. We’ll report the outcome online the following day.” Yeah, “we’ll let you know how it turns out”. Anyway. On some sprinting message board they mentioned that the agreed upon distance is 60 meters. They also said that Levrone is claiming a 4.13 40. If he’s got a 4.13 40, that bastard should be making an assload more money than he is (read: NFL). Anyway, I agree with Christian on this - if Levrone honestly trained for a few months for this event, it wouldn’t be a blowout. Take a look at top notch short distance sprinters. He drops 20 - 40 pounds and he’s got a shot. He may also stop after 5 meters due to heart failure, but you never know.

The only title Levrone is going to win is the most arragant prick of the year award. I’d pay to see him get slaughtered by Chambers.

I have long awaited a race between Levrone and a world class sprinter. I find it hilarious that Levrone, as a professional bodybuilder, claims to be the best in the world at sprinting while only being the second (or third) best bodybuilder. I have heard that a high school football coached timed him as running a 4.13 40 yard dash. This is obviously incredibly fast, but it was timed by a high school football coach, notoriously the most unreliable sources for information; they tend to inflate (or deflate in this case) all numbers to make people look better. Also it was probably hand timed so the accuracy of that is extremely questionable. Apparently Levrone may be trying out for a world or arena league football team, according to his website (I think), so that will be interesting as well. Levrone is also on steroids which the sprinter will not be taking (I assume) which makes the fairness of the race a question. He is undoubtably fast and strong but the NFL may be a stretch, but I would enjoy seeing him there. I definitely hope Levrone wins if the race ever goes down.