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Kevin Durant Bench Press


As many of you may know, Kevin Durant couldn't even bench 185 at the NBA Combine 4 years ago. If this is recent video is legit, then I'm pretty impressed. He got 315 easy. I can't help but doubt it, though. What do you guys think? Was he getting help on the sides?


no way thats legit


After watching this a couple times, I don't believe it at all, and kinda feel embarrassed that I didn't spot it being fake right away.


super fake, had two guys holding the sides you tell at the bottom, they didnt balance it smoothly and he actually had to lift a little and struggled


Obviously not real, but I'm not entirely sure that it's supposed to be construed as legit.

I remember everyone (myself included) making a big hooplah about his inability to bench 185 coming out of college... and then he went on to be one of the most forwards in the game today.

So, doesn't matter - lol.


I'm with you on this one. I dont think he's trying to make it seem totally real. its just a marketing thing


His REAL challenge will be facing off against the BasedGod for a 1 on 1.


Why the hell are basketball players bench pressing at a combine?


He was wrong. It was 135 he couldnt do at the combine!


He was wrong. It was 135 he couldnt do at the combine!


He was wrong. It was 135 he couldnt do at the combine!


Is there an echo in here?


I thought from the thread title it was actor Kevin Durand! He's 6'6 and about about 250 I'd guess so he could likely bench 315.
He's the one next to Russell Crowe. He's one of those actors that we've all seen but nobody but his mom, and me, know his name.
He was Keamy the mercenary in Lost and was Little John in the latest Robin Hood.


well if he couldnt do 135 then he probably couldnt put up 185 could he?

185 is the BP test weight at the NBA combine.




Why? I stopped following BB years ago, but why do they need to bench? Has something changed since I stopped watching?


its just a test of strength. The NBA combine is pretty weak (compared to the NBA) but teams still want to know a base level of strength, speed, quickness, agility.

Why do QB's and Kickers do the BP in the NFL combine? Cause owners, scouts and coaches just want to know lol


Gotta bench so they can pass the ball with INTENSITY!


And me!