I’m an Army Sergeant getting ready to go off to the war. As you all know, fitness in the military is a must. I’ve considered taking some kettlebells with me, however some feedback from people who know about these will help me out greatly. By the way, I like the other topics posted here. T-Mag disciple for nearly a year.

Where are you heading? Depending on that…most encampments at least in the Marines will have a small setup for wieght training…When I was deployed to Bosnia we were in the field 2 weeks at a time and basically just got creative using 5 gallon gas cans and using just about every part of a M1-A1 as some sort of equipment (the gun tube makes a crazy pull-up bar) as far as taking something with you check it out first and make sure its o.k. and if all else fails “addapt & overcome”
Give em Hell!!