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Hey guys,

I’m trying to get ahold of some Kettlebells, but I’m not sure where to buy them. Dragon Door sells them, but they charge a lot of money for each Kettlebell, and about $300 for an entire set. I saw this K-Bell handle at Iron Mind, but I’d much rather have legitimate soviet styled stuff in accurate poods. My cousin is a Marine, is there a way that he could buy them with a discount? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


Well, I think you just have to suck it up and buy from dragon door. I’ve seen other places sell them, but they don’t look as solid or they sell the dragondoor models. As for the plate-loaded models at IronMind and fractionalplates, most of the people that have used both dragon door and plate-loaded models, prefer the dragon door models.

Yes, they are expensive and the shipping sucks, but you're not going to break them.

Also, I've had zero luck finding used kbells on EBAY or craigslist.

Contact Dragon door directly and ask for John DuCane. They might give you a discount.

Thank you very much Mr. Mahler, I’ll make sure to give a call on Monday. I very much appreciate your help.

I’m pretty sure that Atomic Athletic is selling the Dragon Door kettlebells cheaper than Dragon Door. Not sure if the shipping is any more, though.


I do not reccomend them because their Dragon Door kettlebells are that much cheaper -- the price difference is not really significant. However, they do have one interesting product. A round-style kettlebell, VERY strongly constructed, which from the outside looks almost identical to a Russian K-bell. Difference is, you can unscrew a plug and load it with BB's or lead shot. Their 10" model, the largest, starts at 50lbs, and can be gradually loaded to 150lbs, and it doesn't cost any more than one DD Kettlebell. Just an idea, might check it out, if anyone thinks they suck now's the time to mention it.

Since I only can afford two right now, would it be better to buy two 1 pood kettlebells or a 1 and 1.5 pood?

Faced with that exact same question, I chose to buy the 1 and 1.5 pood.

You can still do 2 kbell work, but it will be unbalanced. That is fine, just make sure to even stuff out by switching up frequently.