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Kettlebells for Powerlifting


Hi all,
I train for powerlifting but I want to get in some conditioning. I like Kettlebells and have some experience with them. I was wondering if any of you have recommendations on how to incorporate them into my routine. I follow an Upper/ Lower Conjugate style split. Any ideas are welcome.


My advice would be to use them as finishers - swings for lower body day, clean&press for upper body day.


Thats what I was thinking of doing. I guess ill run with that for a while and see how it goes. Thanks!


I liked using them during deload weeks.

Also a 10 minutes of complexes or chains as a finisher would be great as well.


Agree with Flynn. Do your main lift for the session, then your important supplemental and assistance work. Then put all the little stuff together in a kettlebell complex.

Left side
1 Arm Swing x8
Single Leg Lunge x8
Front Squat with 1 Kettlebell in the Rack postion x8
Side bend x8
then switch to right side


1 Arm Upright Row x8
1 Arm Snatch x8
1 Arm Clean and Press x8
1 Arm Bent Row x8
then switch to the other side

You can pass a kettlebell around your legs in a figure 8 pattern for your hips and glutes. It’s kinda similar to a side-lunge.

I like the bottom-up kettlebell press too.


I recommend doing tabata-workout (8x 20sec sections with 10 sec rest between) after lifting. This is simple, effective and quick. You can also use relatively heavy weight with swings.

This is something I have been thinking of for next summer:

Press + chins
Clean and press kb tabata

Deads + FS
Swings tabata

Bench + rows
Clean and press kb tabata

Squat + abs
Swings tabata

Note: you’ll might need to adjust your overall volume, I have found these tabata-sessions quite draining.


For powerlifting…

Maybe try heavy double kettlebell swings. Boosted my DL quickly.

Also, try and learn the KB jerk. Seriously good exercise. When you master that, move onto double KB jerks.