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Kettlebells and Tattoo Sleeves


Does any one here have full sleeves and using kettlebells?

I will be getting both arms tattooed this year and was wondering what kind of affect kettlebell conditioning will have on my wrist and forearms.

I mostly do Complexes and chains 3-5 days a week plus sled pulls or farmer walks.

I plain on just swings while my forearms heal but was wondering about the long run of snatches and cleans. I have already done the 5k and 7k swing challenge so after a week or two off I could do the 10k challenge?

Anyone? Thanks!


If your worried about it just wear 2 wristbands on each arm.
I have clients do that when were going high volume on the snatches and cleans.


Doesn't every crossfitter also have full sleeves? I'm pretty sure you'll be ok. What exactly are you concerned about?


Is this thread serious?


If your worried about abrasions on your forearms then get a pair of sleeves. They have products for everything now. Some sleeves protect the arm some compress it, etc.

If your worried about your forearms getting so huge people are staring at your large veiny arms instead of that mural of Chinese letters covering them you need to be realistic. Most tattoos need touch up work no matter where they are on the body. Basically the farther the tattoo is away from your core the more it needs touched up. Unless of course you are one of those dumb-asses that gets wicked sun burns over ink.




I don't understand ...can you abrade tattoos off??



On the other hand, count the number of guys (or gals) at your gym with full sleeves.



At my gym there are;

  • Sleeves
  • Calves
  • Chest
  • Entire upper body
  • Back

Tatts are now FOTM, esp to chicks who are total sluts.


I hope to God not


Ink has been uber popular for decades. Remember all the tribal tattoos in the late 90's?

Basically if it doesn't mean anything to you personally and its trendy it will be a joke in 10-20 years.


And of course the Chinese letters which were popular in the early 2000's.


Last but not least the 2010's: The I don't care what society thinks hipster tattoo.


One of the best Chinese characters I ever saw was a necklace that translated to "Closed-minded".


Holy fuck! I'm at work and I literally had to go into the washroom because I couldn't stop laughing at that! Good job! (so true by the way)


Women who get loads of tatts and scream about not judging them usually become confused about why they dont get hired for good jobs.

Slut tattoos are just...urgh. You could make a day trip to the mall and spot how many assistants/managers have them.


hahaha this reminds me of his character in "this is the end"


I live in Taiwan and one time I saw a stamp for using on exams and I jokingly told a coworker that I should get thi sstamp on my back with a huge dragon coiled around it. I asked her what the stamp said and it was "Please write more legibly"


Maybe on your hands, but anywhere else you'd have to be hell-bent on doing so. I have forearm tattoos that have taken some abuse over the years and they're fine.


I do a lot of interviewing. People with stupid tatts make my life very easy.

A young male will walk in for an entry level job, with a neck tattoo peaking out of his shirt. His pants being halfway down his ass is usually a bonus.

I will look up and say you aren't qualified to work here. He'll say why. I tell him that neck tattoos are against policy and also you can't even meet the basic of business dress on your interview. He said I didn't understand today's youth. No, I understand just fine young man, you don't understand today's job market. Goodbye.