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Kettlebells and Sweaty Hands


Hey everyone,
Just had a stupid kettle bell question. So when I'm using them my hands my hand usually sweat a lot. With the swings and snatches it seems like a pretty bad idea to let one of those guys slip out of my hand and go flying.
What do you guys do for this? Gloves? Tape on the horns? Stop being a bitch about?


Use chalk.


For high rep work, I use a very thin set of tactical gloves. I'm not going to rip a callous off my hand and get sidelined for a week or more from the gym (and from work) just to prove how hard core I am.


Chalk is by far your best bet. Gloves I just felt impeded me. But experiment for yourself too.


Pavel recommended such gloves in enter the kettlebell, they work great for me also, i have some finger less bike-like gloves i copped an army thrift store.

On that not make sure your over-speed eccentric is on point, not swinging the bell at your junk can shift alot of the necessary decelerating force to your hands/forarms away from where it should be, ie the posterior chain. If you don't know what i'm talking about reading some of Dan John's or Pavel's work will increase the effective ness of any KB work you do immensely.


Use professional grade kettlebells.

They are made from steel, not iron, have a consistent size throughout the range of weights and a thinner handle.

The exposed steel on the handle should be lightly sanded to rough it up, then covered with chalk. Then, chalk your hands and you should be good to go.

That is how it is done by the professional KB lifters.

If you don't have professional grade kettlebells, they are worth the investment if you use them a lot, otherwise just follow what the others have said.


I use either cheap sweat bands - very 80s - but when I'm pulling in hot gyms / climates they double up as normal wrist sweat bands and keep the sweat from running down onto my hands.

I've also had some luck using old cut-up socks over the palm of my hands. Chalk is okay but you'll rub it off during a long set.


Fingerless gloves or chalk on the fingers and hands. Not on the bottom part of the finger where the callous build up. I glove it if I do high rep heavy snatches. And my form is locked in. I use them more to keep from sweating because, I've had a 28kg come flying out of my hand at the end of a snatch set. It isn't pretty.