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Kettlebells and No Gym


hey guys , due to the economy and losing my business , i have been forced to cut back on heaps of stuff.(just had a baby 6 months ago, well not me, and have a partner and 2 growing teenage boys to feed)

So one of the last things I tried to hold off on was my weekly gym membership payment.

Alas , its gone and all iI have is a 45 pound kettle bell.

what I hope to do is to maintain my mass and drop some flab.

But for the life of me , I cant think of or find any good programs that can garauntee me results.

If any of you have any ideas to tide me over til things pick up , feel free to post me some ideas.

Im definately not unfit, I train muay thai 2 times a eek for 3 hours and do kettle bell sings clean n presses and turkish get ups two days a week



I know zip about kettlebell training, hit up Combat Sports and Strength Sports as I’m sure they know quite a bit. BUT;

as a fellow broke-ass bodybuilder, I recommend finding a buddy with a gym membership that allows him/her to take a guest and schedule regular trips. Offer to train them for free.

If that doesn’t work, check out articles on bodyweight/gymnastics training on this site and others (particularly dragondoor and Coach Sonnon’s site). Work on:

*Pushups, every variation (wide, narrow, one-arm, clapping, hopping etc)
*Pullups, every variation (ditto)
*Bodyweight squats (Hindu, jumping, one legged etc)
*Bridges (back, forward, neck etc)

Invest in a pair of gymnastic rings if you can. They can be found very cheaply online. Hell, work on basic tumbling if you have a little space. Swing that kettlebell. Grab a heavy sledgehammer, call some auto places to see if they have free tires and start pounding. Make your own sandbags. See if a distributor near you has any kegs they don’t need any more. You can always find free barrels, too. Steve Justa and Brooks Kubik has written reams of material online about odd lifts/implements.

There are many, many things you can do with your bodyweight and random objects and while it may not provide the same overall stimulus as weight training you can still get in kickass shape, with the added benefit of flexibility, grace and the sheer joy of moving your body through space. If you really work hard on the most difficult variations you may find you come back even stronger after your hiatus is over.

Best of luck.


Type “Ghetto workout” to youtube, and watch… :slight_smile: you’ll find awsome ways to train without going to the gymm…


You can combine bodyweight exercises and Kettlebell exercises to create a short, intense workout that will give you results.
Kettlebell exercises include
Clean and Press
High Pulls
1-Arm Floor Presses
Get-Up Sit-Ups
Lunge Twists

and there are loads of BW exercises

You could create a 3 day a week program that would be killer. A sample program could look like this.
A1) Kettlebell Clean and Press x 10
A2) Bodyweight Squats
A3) Planks
B1) Kettlebell Rows
B2) Push-Ups
B3) Kettlebell Swings

You can do tons of full body combinations that will give you results. Good luck man, hope this helps.


thanks to all those who posted, I subscribe to dragons door and have seen the amazing ghetto workouts on you tube, I guess I was just a bit bummed that I had to put the gym out in the proverbial trash for a bit.

I know coupling my muay thai and kettle bell training shall yeild results , I just have to getover the fact I wont be deadlifting for a while with max loads.

thanks guys.


If you want to drop flab with KB training, mix in Tabata Protocols. I have some basic
exercises listed in my website: www.midwestkettlebell.com
They’re brutal, but over quick. Great if you’re pressed for time, which you will be with a little one at home. (I have twins, I know what it’s like to sacrifice time and $)
Hope that helps, and best of luck in your training!


Check also www.mikemahler.com