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Kettlebells and Mike Mahler's Workshops

If anyone is on the fence about attending one of Mike’s workshops, after experiencing it this weekend, I can give you an emphatic “DO IT!”. Mike is a great instructor, and really put us through the paces. So now I find myself saving up to buy a Kettlebell or two.

On a related note, anyone around here devotees of KB training? In looking through past forum posts, its kind of inconclusive, and hasn’t been talked about for a while. How about it, T-Folks? Anyone using these as an integral or even minor part of their program, and how have your results been?

They are a part of my Renegade program. I’ve used them prior and in between Renegade Training as well.

I almost always have some kettlebell training included in my routines ranging from extra workouts, to high rep cardiovascular training, to abdominal work.

Lately I’ve been doing farmers/overhead walks as part of my early morning cardio with my kbells.

Thanks a lot Nick and it was great to meet you.