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Kettlebell Workshop Announcement in Phoeniz, AZ

I will be doing a 4 hour kettlebell and conditioning workshop in Phoeniz, AZ on April 12th. I will announce a time and location shortly.

I will be there. Finally, something happeneing in Phoenix. I hope this works out. Would I need a kettlebell before coming to the shop? I’ve used one but don’t own one yet.;

I would suggest buying a kettlebell before the class. I didn’t before the class in SJ and regretted it as their was a shortage of heavier kettlebells. Plus mike offers good deals to buy them before the class. I bought a 53 pounder after the class and paid more but I love it.

Mike, any advantage to going to your workshop for me? I’m going to be going to Minnesota for Pavel’s RKC course two weeks later.


Machine, looking forward to seeing you there. I will be offering a 15% discount on any Kb that participants purchase before the workshop. However, I will have kettlebells for the workshop so there is no need to purchase one.

I’m there, Mike. Keep us posted. I have no experience whatsoever with KB’s so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of programs you have for us!

As someone who has attended 2 of Mike’s seminars, I can say that they are excellent and well worth it. Even if you have Pavel’s video, the seminar is well worth it as you discuss variations and actually get to see and practic correct techniqut.

So if you have any interest in kettlebell training, make sure you find a way to attend, even if you've never used them before.

Great Nick and expect to be sore for several days. Just ask Jaytruly and Kraig, ha ha. Email me at mahler25@yahoo.com and I will place send you more info.

My workshop will be a great primer for Pavel’s and you will end up doing less pushups, ha ha(Pavel’s punishment for incorrect form)Email me at mahler25@yahoo.com for more info. I will be at the April workshop as well as a guest instructor.