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Kettlebell Training

What are people’s thoughts on kettlebell training? Has anyone read Pavel’s books? Thoughts? Can you get big with kettlebell training?


Mike Mahler (and others) train almost exclusively with kettlebells (and he has workshops on how to use them). Mike has made awesome gains (and he’s a vegetarian…or is he a Vegan?). So, yes, they can work, provided that you eat properly and train properly.

I’ve used kbells and bodyweight exercises exclusively for several months when I needed a break from the weights. They worked great for keeping me in shape, however, I did lose some strength.

I think kbells are a wonderful tool or addition to a weight training program. I have Pavel’s book and video on the Russian Kbell Challenge. It has great info and photos/video showing proper technique.

However, I love using the weights more than the kbells. I prefer using kbells as another tool in training, as I’ve gotten better results with barbells and dumbbells. Kbells do come in handy for many exercises though, and I would definitely recommend picking up a few to add to your arsenal.

I know there are alot of anti-kettlebell people or this board but I for one like to use them and use them quite often. Yes, you can put on size with kettlebells. It all depends on the protocal you use. I tend to usethem more for strength endurance, but thats just me. What are your goals are they just to get big or are you training for sport?