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Kettlebell Training Resources


I was wondering if anyone had some feedback on a good kettlebell DVD that would be useful to a trainer. Specifically, progressions and teaching cues are what I'm most interested in. DVD's that are simply someone demonstrating exercises are not what I'm looking for, I like to hear more about the technical side of things.



Google Brett Jones or Steve Cotter both have great resources.


Steve Cotter's Encyclopedia of Kettlebell lifting is easily the best out there. Get it at dragondoor.

Pavel was pissed at him for producing it because it describes practically every kb exercise there is (therefore there's no more room for additional dvds to be made).


check out dragondoor


Mike Mahler's got some good dvd's out.


I've heard some good things about Brett Jones' dvd "Kettlebell Basics for Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers."

I started with the original "Russian Kettlebell Challenge" on VHS ::gasp:: and Maxwell's "Cruel & Unusual Exercises For Real Men", also on videotape. ::double gasp::

Interesting that he's still selling it at Dragondoor, then. Truthfully, it looks interesting, but I think half of it isn't anything you couldn't figure out on your own. What was it that John Davies said in an interview here, something like "Buy me a cup of coffee, and I'll teach you everything you need to know about kettlebells in 10 minutes."


What exactly is the difference in training with kettlebells and with dumbbells? I can't see how it would have any real functional difference impact-wise. Variety's good but what's so different about training with kettlebells?


TWO main diff. : The weight is under the handle in a KB and they cost so much!