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Kettlebell Swings

Hello CT,

I want to ask you about kettleball swing technique and some tips.
For the technique I have found that you can do them without knee movement more like in a Deadlift or with some knee movement so in the bottom position it’s a bit more like a squat. Which technique do you like more ?

It seems most people who use them do them for higher volume like 10 sets of 10 with low rest periods. How do you implement them ?

Thanks in advance

I am not a KB expert. I’m not the guy to ask about them either for technique or loading parameters.

I don’t use them in my own training. I use them with around 25% of my clients, but normally as part of a superset or as activation.

Search for “hardstyle kettlebell swing” on youtube, you’ll get the info you want.

Okay thank you CT, will do that.