Kettlebell Swing While Recovering

Okay so I have been oly lifting for while and have a coach helping my training…but unfortunately I have inflamed disc.I have started to see a chiropractor who is advising me. So I can still train but oly lifting or squats ect are out the question, so mainly upper body compound work until given all clearly. While I’m recovering and when able would kettlebell swing be any good just so I can keep my speed up ect and will it benefit me when I go back to olympic lifting . Any advice would be great, thank in advance

is it the receiving position or spinal compression that is causing you pain? or does the pull hurt as well?

in the case of the former, maybe you could try doing deadlifts/pulls/high pulls with snatch and clean grips…that should keep you strong and explosive around the hips if you’re able

as far as kettlebell swings go, i’m not sure. can’t see why it would be detrimental, though i usually see kettlebells as tools primarily for conditioning.

hope this helps :slight_smile: