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Kettlebell Swing Weight?

Swings have been useful to cue hip hinging and activate my glutes as I return from a back injury. The heaviest kettlebells in the gym are 24kg and have served that purpose well.

Would there be any benefit in going heavier? If so how could one set up heavier kettlebell swings? I’ve seen handles that attach to DBs but they run like 50 bucks

Are Heavy Kettlebell Swings Better Than Deadlifts?]

This is an excellent article on why you need to swing a heavy Kettlebells.

The information extrapolated in the article indicates that load of 50% to 100% or your body weight need to be used to elicit the optimal training effect.

That means if you weight 200 lbs you need to swing a 100 to 200 lb Kettlebell.

As you mention, there are some handles you can get that attach to a heavy dumbbell that will work.

However, another option presented in the article is the…

Hungarian Core Blaster

About $20.00 worth of pipe form Lowes and some Standard 1 inch Weight Plates work.

I’ve loaded my Hungarian Core Blaster up with 175 lbs for “Kettlebell Hungarian Core Blaster Swings”.

The Hungarian Core Blaster allows you to increase or decrease the load, as you like. It is a very effective training tool.

Kenny Croxdale

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Yes, you’ll get a higher power production out of a heavier KB. Do a double KB swing to up your weight.


Double kettlebells sounds good to try out some heavier swings. I’ll have the biggest iron balls swinging in the gym

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I had the Plateau Buster swing handle (from Stronger Grip) years ago and experimented with heavy swings. Also did a lot of heavy one hand deadlifts with it, which I preferred since grip strength is “my thing.” But for me, I found that going heavy enough that I couldn’t swing the weight to the height of my shoulder just didn’t feel like a “proper” swing. I dropped the weight down as low as I needed to in order to get what I felt was a full swing. Much preferred that.