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Kettlebell Superdeal?


I’m thinking of getting this. Anybody have any of the items being offered? Are they any good?

Sounds good on paper,but is it really worth it to you to spend all that money for one kettlebell at 35lb?

Id look around before buying into the pavel bs. He has good info, but his prices are ridiculous!!!

What’s a good place to get a deal on kettlebell’s?

Wait till muscledriver.com gets theirs in.

It’s only about $1.25 a pound through them, in comparison to Dragondoor which is about $2.75. Shipping is more reasonable too.

Yes those prices are crazy I think. It’s just a piece of metal with a handle for crying out loud. I could buy a power rack for my garage for the price of a couple of kettlebells.

Also you might want to check out the kettlebells on New York Barbell


Much better price wise.