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Kettlebell Styles: Hard vs Sport?


So there is a lot of talk in the kettlebell world
"Hard Style / Soft or Sport"

There is no right or wrong method as many have argued in the past. One is the actual authentic methods used by Russians and one is wellâ?¦ another way of doing things. â??Hardstyle is a stripped down version of original kettlebell lifts.

Safety is the key, whatever you do.

But to really see the difference we decided to do a a video for comparison. As long as you lift in a safe manner and teach if you are an instructor that is all that matters.

A great article written by Eric Liford about Sport & Hard Style


And our video on youtube

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Interesting article. This debate is the kettlebell equivalent of Coke vs. Pepsi. I see advantages in both. Sport is more efficient, that's for sure, hardstyle is more for brute strength. I'm sure the Dragon Door forum had a huge debate over this article. I guess I train mostly hardstyle, but have started using some sport fundamentals. In my opinion, it's a kettlebell, lift, enjoy and reap the rewards.


Personally I love throwing a kettlebell around. Turkish get ups are insane but than again you could do one with dubmbell. The debate continues...