Kettlebell sizes

Has anyone purchased any kettlebells from dragon door publications? What size did you get, and were you happy with them. I saw Ironmind has a plate loaded typ, while dragon door has fixed weights of app. 36 lb, 53 lb, and 76 lb. I was interested and wasn’t sure of the size to order. Or should I just say screw it and call it rehab equipment like I call the rest of my toys. In fiddling with the bent press, I could do reps with a 70lb. dumbell for an idea on current strength levels.

I have the 16kg (36lb) kettlebell from Dragondoor. I love it! I’ve been using it as part of my Renegade training and for additional workouts on my off days. I also have Pavel’s book and video on the Russian Kettlebell Challenge. The kettlebell is top knotch. It’s fun to work with. I’m still getting used to the shape and thick handle. It’s a great workout too. Coach Davies could recommend the best size for you depending on your strength levels. And don’t underestimate the little one (16kg). I get a helluva workout with it!

Thanks. I’ll have to order one. I thought that it probably would be better to start with the light one. I’ve been doing some things with the powerblock dumbells I have. I’ll have to order the video or book by Pavel.

Irondoc-if you wish, email me and we can discuss what size you need. With a 70 Bent Press you may find you quickly progress beyond that. You will find my email in the articles. In faith, Coach Davies

I use the kettlebell handle from and love it. You can load it up to 110lbs and it is real sturdy. I can do one arm snatches with 90lbs for sets of ten, thus the KB at dragondoor are too light for me. However, I am planning on purcahsing the 72lb Kb that Pavel sells, because I think that it is a better product and better for high reps. You can get real bruised up with the handle that I have if your form is off.

Irondoc, do yourself a favor and get the Ironmind keetlebells. I have using keelebells for a long time now, and have used the Ironmind 'bells. For one thing, they are plate loaded. You can keep adding resistance (or even substract some poundage if necessary). They are very well made, by a very reputable company. And Ironmid, has been in the game for a long time. I am not knocking pavel or his products.

Thanks a lot guys. I decided to order the plate loaded handle from ironmind. If I stick to the exercises, maybe I’ll get the Pavel kettlebells. Ironmind’s set come with two, so you can set them at different weights for ease of weight changes. I’ll keep in mind what you said Mike, and watch the form.

Are the plate loaded kettlebells olympic sized plate loaded or standard??? I am THIS close to ordering them. budget suck right now though.

I’m sure ironmind sells a standard plate version.