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Kettlebell Recommendations?

Hey all,

what brands/ makers are good to go?

Too be honest, I’ve got a few but don’t know the brand. As long as its galvanized it won’t rust. Aside from that, it’s a heavy piece of metal, in the shape of a bell with a handle.

A heavy one.

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I own both a 50lb CAP and Rogue 88. Both of them are kettlebell-shaped and weigh what they are supposed to, but the finish and feel of the Rogue is far superior. All future kettlebells of mine will be Rogue.


^Similar sentiments here. My first couple kettlebells were a hodgepodge of different makes and models, eventually I sold them off to friends and bought all new Rogue kettlebells. The Rogue 'bells get extremely high marks from me, and they are reasonably priced (as opposed to some of the extremely high-end brands, which I am sure are fabulous but also can cost a fortune).

Kettlebell King and Rogue look like they are made by the same factory kinda. Pretty similar in price too.

Edited to add: The CAP competition ones look the same too. Interesting.

Well, tried a CAP shiney black one, a CAP competition, a Rogue, and a Kettlebell King’s model.

The CAP shiney black one was slick feeling, not in a good way. The CAP comp was nice, a lot like the Rogue actually, think the Rogue had a slightly more aggressive grip. The Kettlebell King model had a diff feeling grip, aggressive but in a dry chalky way, not a grip tape kinda way. The KBK also seemed to have less burrs and seams than the others. KBK also had by FAR the best packaging of my sample.

All of the kettlebells we purchase for our facility are from Perform Better. They are a favorite for sure! Quality product that is exactly what we need. Nothing fancy, just a raw plain kettlebell.