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Kettlebell Purchase

Has anybody had experience with the Muscle Driver website? They have the cheapest ones I have found searching the net. Well, I came across a few on ebay, but I prefer to go through a company rather than an unknown person (If a company doesn’t come through, I have a phone numberand address, on ebay, I can only give a bad rating)

I realize that there are different types and styles of kettlebells, but for the most part, is a kettlebell a kettlebell? Within the same styles, is there a difference in quality? Do cheaper ones tend to chip/rust more? Will I pay for quality or just a russian name?

Actually they sell the PowerMax KB - they’re cheap and good. I just bought a 40 kg from them and I bought a 4 kg from them before (for my daughter). The handles are thicker than other KBs BUT they are round.

Roundness is key - if a handle is not quite round or has rough spots you’ll be hurting, but having a handle that’s thick will just work your grip. The paint isn’t glossy so the texture may be somewhat rougher than other KBs, but for that price, you’ll be able to buy some glossy spray paint and paint over it if you feel you need to.

Heck, some people have painted their KBs just to get a wild color.

You may also want to check Online Sports. They also sell the PowerMax but some KB sizes are cheaper at Online, which is where I purchased my 40 kg (for $115). You’ll also want to compare shipping charges.

For my 40 kg I received shipping quotes from as low as Online ($35 - I paid a total of $150 for a 40 kg which is what some places charge for a 24 kg)) to a high of $50.