Kettlebell Lifting and Combat Conditioning

Recently, I received a kettlebell handle from that kicks ass. You can load it up to about 110lbs and do a lot of cool stuff with it such as one arm snatches, side presses, side bends, pushu presses etc. Anyway I have been combining this with combat conditioning(handstand pushups, hindu pushups, reverse pushups, hindu squats etc) and love the combination. The one arm snatch with the kettlebell pumps by biceps up big time and the kettlebell is much more difficult to handle than a traditional dumbell. Anyway, I am going slash my last article on how to combine weights with cc and instead right about how to do Kettlebell training with CC. Pavel tsatsouline has a great video and book on kettlebell training at dragondoor. I recommend both to anyone who is interested in KB training.

Hey man would you be willing to share your workout with me? Details. I have a lot of Pavel’s videos and a couple books but it is very unclear about reps, sets, tempo etc.


Monday: Full range handstand pushups (5x5 or 10x1 in rest pause fashion) 3x10 of one arm snatches, 2x15 side bends, 1x50-60 hindu squats with portable power jumper.

Tuesday: Full range handstand pushups, 3x5 power cleans, janda situps, hindu squats with PPJ, power wheel roll outs and pushups 3x10 with power pushup 2

Wednesday: Same as Monday Thursday: Same as Tuesday Friday: same as monday

I also switch it up some times with hill sprints. Their are a lot of exercises that you can do with the kettlebell and I plan on doing more as I become more proficient with it.

Thanks man. I am gathering ideas for the future of my strenght MA training.

Your welcome, I will be sure to go into more detail when I write another article for t-mag.