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Kettlebell Games



Check these guys out.


was gonna say its nice to see big guys playing with their balls.....
thats pretty hardcore but go to Girevoy Sport and see little russian dudes doing what those overweight americans are doing but for hundreds of reps.


I know, the russian have been doing these for decades.


The Diesel Crew guys are nuts! Plain and simple, those dudes are awesome.

A note on Girevoy Sport, in case you guys didn't know, just a few weeks ago we had the first ever USA team go to Moscow to compete in the World Championships. All in all the trip was a success. Our National KB Federation (the NAKF) is now recognized at the international level and Team USA placed 6 out of 13. The guys and girls that made up the team were received very well by the other athletes and coaches from the 13 countries that participated and were invited to other internation competitions. GS is a seriously tough sport that requires some serious committment, those athletes are crazy! One of our guys who went over there told me the guy who won the >90 kg weight class did something like 175 jerks with 2-70lb kb's in 10 minutes! That's about 17-18 jerks a minute with 140lbs! That is basically continuous jerks for 10 minutes straight! Crazy!

Good stuff...