Kettlebell for Strength and Hopefully Mass

Im currently doing a four day a week bodyweight progrm and it really isnt doing much for me stimulation wise. I dont have the room for a rack and bench but i do have the room for kettlebells and a small barbell. Does anyone have a program i can run? Im not looking to resemble a greek god i just want to be as absolutely strong as i can get on so little equipment and i would like to add size also. Any help would be so very appreciated.

Strenght is mostly movement specific. You have to define what is “strong” for you and then think about what exercises compliment that.
For example, there are strong powerlifters who suck at grappling and can be beat by guys half their weight who cant bench 220. Both are strong but in a different ways.
And then there also is the debate between relatively strong and absolutely strong. For example if you weight 100lbs but bench 220, it is relatively strong for your weight but its absolutely a shit lift(no offense to anyone).

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Some great ideas from Dan John


Thenk you guys. I see what youre say about defining strength. Ill have to do a little thinking on that. Those videos are a very solid jump off point thank you very much. There is so much info out there its so convoluted its hard to find anything with substance.

I feel like you’re taking the wrong message here.

So much info doesn’t mean there’s so many ways to fail: it means there are SO many ways to SUCCEED! You just need to pick A way. Failure happens when we try to combine all the successful approaches into some sort of mega-approach.

Super Squats works. It’s one big set of 20 squats. Deep Water works. It’s 10 sets of squats for 10 reps. Combining the two doesn’t work. You either do only 1 set of 10 for squats, or 10 sets of 20. Both will fail for different reasons.


Ok! I believe i understand what youre saying now. Ive been looking at all of this with a very complicated filter. My problem with working out has always been over complicating it and becoming discouraged. I truly appreciate it.

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