Kettlebell Certification comments

Awesome experiance. The skinny russian and fellow instructors were very professional and put on a very good presentation.

You’ll learn the finite details of the movements, why they are more usefull than just portablility, and you actually get to practice training people that may or may not have trained before. One group had to train a 70 lady that had never touched a KB.

If anybody gets a chance to go, definately do it. Especially if you wanna make money in the fitness industry without having to be some corporate gym’s little bitch.


How much did it cost you? How much did you spend on kettlebells on top of that?

I got in early, but yes it’s very expensive. I got it for like $700 or so. Most there paid more than me. It just depends on how early you get in. I already had a 16k and 24k KB, so I spent none there. They had about 20-30 for use of the popular sizes and 6 of the 88’s. I really like the 20k though, it’s a good intermediate.


I like KBs and own several of them. Yes, they’re expensive, but KBs are hunks of iron that won’t break down like say a Bowflex.

However, I can’t justify spending $1,000 on a 2-day seminar. I’ve heard everyone say what a great experience the RKC seminar was but I just can’t believe it’s “that good.” I’ve even heard it described as “life changing” which really made me roll my eyes. It’s a fitness seminar - not a religious revival.

Not trying to put down Pavel - just some healthy skepticism on my part.

Actually it’s three days now. Ya I know what ya mean. I went to one of Coach Staley’s boot camps and one of the testamonials afterwards was “The best day of my life”.

Maybe it’s just me but my guess is a wedding or birth would probably topple that fairly easy.

Your right, it’s good, but how good? Worth the money? Maybe a little over, but considering the average home study cert is around $500-600, I barely paid more than $100 extra for an all hands on course.

I wouldn’t reccomend doing it unless you seriously wanna do this as a business. If you just wanna learn finite deatails, find an instructor in your area or workshop.


Nice meeting you Nathan and keep up the great work.

Mike Mahler

Thanks Mike, I’m sure we’ll see each other sometime again :slight_smile:

I got your DVD by the way. It had a little trouble getting it to play on DVD players, but seems to work alright on my computer.



The DVD does not seem to work on some of the older DVD models out there. Sorry for the hassle and I am glad that it works on yoru computer. If you have problems there, let me know and I will get another one out to you.

Also, shoot me an email so I can send you the User guide in PDF that goes with the DVD.