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Kettlebell Armbar?

Does anyone know what an excersise with a kettlebell called the armbar is? Can someone explain it?

This is from Marc Bartley at elitefts.com:

The arm bar is tricky.Dave has a couple of pics that may also be helpful in explaining this one.Lay on the floor with a KB in one arm.Pull the same leg in as you have the KB in.Push off on the leg that is up and push the KB up and roll over with the KB above you.Try to roll the hip all the way over while holding the KB up.Let the KB sit against the lat.If you feel too much delt influence the the lat is not holding the KB up.Disperse the load evenly.This will in turn stretch the pec,bicep and shoulder girdle including the lat out and help keep flexibility and overall shoulder health.

Hope This helps.