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Kettlebell and Glute Ham Tricks

Hya T-folk,
There seem to be a number of you out there doing Tsatsouline and Renegade workouts. There aren’t any kettlebells at my gym but I’ve figured out a way around this. Since I’ve mined a lot of info out of this site, I thought I’d share some of my tricks.

My gym uses Iron Grip barbell plates and if you grab these plates by the slot near the rim, it works exactly like a severely flattened kettlebell. When you can hit 20-30 reps easily, increase the weight of your kbell by running a segment of chain through the hole and other slot. Make sure the chain is securely fastened with quick links or carabiners, you don’t want the damn thing ripping into your face! This should prolly hold you til you get to 35 lbs, after which you will be forced to cough up $$ for a real kbell.

To do the glute-ham raise, go to the lat pulldown station. Set a dumbbell on its side (flat of the plate on the ground) behind the seat. Lock the horizontal rollers / pads to the lowest position. Kneel down on the seat and hook your calves/ ankles under the rollers. You will now be facing away from the weight stack. Do the GHR. The dumbbell is there for you to push off of to return to the start position.