Kettlebell Advice...

We don’t have any at the gym I go to, so I was looking at getting maybe one or two. Don’t know what weight I should get, or what price is fair. Any help?

I’d start with a 16 kg(35 lb) bell and maybe get a 20 kg(44 lb) after you get acclimated. I got my 16kg one for $41 bucks, which I think is the low end. Dragondoor bells are like twice as much.

You could always go for something like this…An adjustable kettlebell.

It’s from an australian manufacturer, which makes sense seein as I’m australian. But take a look around for local suppliers of something similar.

Sure, you have to fork out abit more in the beginning, but you get a whole “set”, and will save you money in the long run.

Yeah I’d say that $40 (US) for a 16kg is pretty cheap. Just shop around, see what you can find.

The benefit of a adjustable one is that you can take it along to the gym. Sure, it’s heavy, but it’s easier than carting two or three or more to the gym for diff. exercises. Ditto if you go on holidays.


How strong are you? Are you using it for conditioning?

really depends on your base strength. posting some of your lifts (deadlift, military press and squat) we should be able to work it out. given that you are 175 according to your profile and 10% bodyfat, i’d take a guess that you are in pretty good shape and will have no real use for, or will out grow a 16kg/35lb bell pretty fast.

personally i would go with a 24kg/55lb bell. it should be a good challenge at first, and even when you are used to it will still be great for a conditioning workout.