Kettle bells advantages

I am wondering what the advantages a kettle bell has over a Dumb bell? I am following a davies style work out.

Kbells have a differnt range of motion than dumbbells. I think Pavel talks about it in his article here, read it.

Kettlebells have a great advantage in making skinny pseudo-Russians a lot of money. (Kidding, comrades, just kidding.)

Enormous advantages with kettlebells particularily as we advance in advanced Phase’s of the program. Tremendous applications with rotational work that can’t be done with dumbells. In faith, Coach Davies

Since the grip of kettlebells are off center, you are forced to use your forearms a lot more. Pavel said as much in his interview with Chris Shugart. But, somehow he expanded that fact into the ridiculous claim that your development will somehow be much much better than dumbbells, kettlebells will cure muscle imbalances, cancer, end world hunger, blah blah.

steve, you better watch it, those russians don’t have a great sense of humor. You might be at work and a kettlebell will come flying in through the window or sumthin!

I’ve done kettlebell workouts with
DB’s and KB’s. There’s no comparison.
The KB workouts are much tougher, and
work the grip and forearms tremendously.
Since the weight flips over your arm in
a lot of explosive moves (cleans, snatches)
the effort by your body to stabilize and
control the weight is much higher.

thanks everyone