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Kettle Ballz are the Devil


there was virtual world peace, until the Kettleball makes the scene around 1900.

since then, there have been 2 world wars.

countless wars, famine, pestilence, and random violence.

the Jihaadist have taken control, and the world now lives in terror - westerners are now

dealing with diabetes, cancer, AIDS, and the aftermath of Reaganomics

the world has suffered since the the Kettleballs have made the scene.

we have to have the courage to face the facts, and stop the madness.

Kettleballs are the Devil.

I am stating this and am ready to face the peril, such as having my taxes audited, my debt scrutinized and my oil changed at SpeedeeLube. I realize that the governments are powerless to stop the monsters behind this scourge, and am putting my self up against them.

as a shield to both expose the scurrilous skluduggery and to flush our world of all their kind.

and am willing to state this to all my kindred spirits.

freinds do not let freinds use kettleballs.

may the gods have mercy on my miserable soul.


Bells, viking. KettleBELLS.

Agree with the rest.


So I'm balls deep in this grapefruit, and my coworkers stop and stare like its some sort of big fucking deal.


the easterners are not immune to the horror.

just look at this poor human being.


^^^Are those the newest Ugg boots??? Must have!!!


so obviously possessed by the Debil himself~


a rare picture of the original coven.



this man is deformed for life~





LOL its a slow monday at work, and I feel like Im taking crazypills.


Canadian kettlebell


you mean you aren't?

wanna buy some?



Edgy, have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?


But on the plus side, I now have the strongest guard dog on the block.


it helps that I have an enormous johnson.

that and being ridiculously good looking has gotten me far in this life ~

(that and spellcheck!)



this man traded his ranch, all his livestock and his wife of 35 years for a kettleball.

there has to be an end to this madness!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I see your one Biggest Loser trainer, and raise you another.


Also, since kettleballz have been made available the people of earth began to get infected with the ghey too!