kettle balls

what do you guys think of training with them? Any info on this type of exercise is appreciated.

  1. expensive… to buy and to ship
  2. heavy… hard to transport
  3. you can come very close to duplicating most exercises with a dumbbell
  4. makes people stare… that’s a GOOD thing
  5. good for grip and forearm hypertrophy
  6. you must keep buying heavier kettlebells as your strength/coordination improves… expensive, VERY expensive
  7. go to to find a cheaper, plate loaded version

They’re decent tools from what I gather. However, be prepared to massive ranting about Pavel.

good stuff! be conservative with a weight when you start. build it up slowly (or enjoy painful elbows) and brused forarms.
as written above, good for grip/forarms. hi reps snatches and cleans will keep you trimmed and lean.
Surely better that any “conventional” kind of cardio. it is EVIL!!
Enjoy the pain :slight_smile:

Check out poliquin’s take on them. Someone asked the same question on this week’s question/answer section.

I bought the 88 pound one, and at first I could only do cleans and swings, but now I can do a variety of exercises, so it does not have to be that expensive, and just having one really heavy one forces you to work hard. What’s up with the ranting about Pavel? I have learned a great deal from him.

what do u guys know about pavel. he is the one I hear promoting them like crazy.

I thought this was interesting fromt he same Q & A:

. Enjoy all of you information I have a question … what is better power drive or neurogain for pre workout supplement?


Dave G

A. I use neither, we have 5 in-house formulas that are far superior to commercial products. There are rotated on a regular basis to prevent adaptation. As far as commercially available products, Neuroflow from SAN is far more effective as a neural drive enhancer.

–Charles Poliquin

Anyway, I have the 88lb one. It’s cool to use but honestly, not much more effective than a dumbell. And after paying 180+52 S & H, I wish I would’ve saved the money and bought some more bumpers.

I like the review above which points out that Kettlebells are “heavy”.

Unless you’re training for a specific skill, you can use any number of tools to achieve your goals – barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, odd objects. It all works if you use it logically and consistently!

Use the tool that will keep you consistent and motivated.

Well, I might give a try at kettle-bell style training eventually, but using dumbells as I like the opportunity to work with a more variety of weight.

Il Cazzo: Anyone who is familiar with Charles knows that he had a falling out with the Biotest crew, so I wouldn’t think he’s going to say anything good about their products.
As for the KBs. If you got the money to burn, go ahead. But a basic dumbell will do. Spend the money on other things that can be more useful. I would go for chains instead. Using chains on your lifts will make more improvement than the KBs will. Remember, Americans were using KBs decades ago and then ditched them and started using dumbells instead. These are nothing new. And Pavel is an intelligent trainer, but his whole “Comrade”, Spetsnaz, tougher than lazy American, routine is getting very tiresome.