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Kettlbell Lifting: Picture of me doing KB snatch

Here is a link to a picture of me doing a KB snatch: http://members.nbci.com/zuca4/MIKE/psn00005.jpg
I really enjoy KB lifting using Pavel Tsatsouline’s guidelines. Seems like a great way to get strong and ripped. Right now I am doing high rep snatches(20+reps a set) and high rep clean and jerks. There are also some cool ab exercises that you can do with the KB as well.

Where can I get more info on Kettlebells?

What are the benefits of using a kettlebell over a dumbbell?

Mike, I’m a little skeptical; do you have to do the snatches sideways and defying both gravity and physics for the proper result? Where can I purchase these so-called “kettlebells” and how much (in dollars) are they?

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Sorry for the sideways picture! You can purchse a kettlebell handle from piedmont design or Ironhorse for about $60.00. Pavel Tsatsouline has a great book on Kettlebell training at dragondoor. Really badass tool.