Ketotifen Dosing For Extended Albuterol Cycle

Got some good results in my first two weeks and want to run it the max recommended (8 weeks). Though, there’s so much conflicting information on the ketotifen dosages.

Some recommend 1mg a night for the 3rd week (and presumably the 6th as well) while others state 1mg throughout the cycle and even 2mg.

1mg makes me wired for some reason (definitely not like the drowsy feeling I’d get from 50mg benadryl). Does this mean it’s working? Should I up my dose to 2mg?

How to get the best out of an 8 week cycle?


Shameless bump.

Also, I no longer get the jittery feeling before bed, even after bumping my albuterol intake from 12mg to 18mg. Just want to ensure I’m getting the most out of this…

I have no useful info. Just wondering why you chose this compound over Clen? Benefits?

Clen is easily obtained here in Japan (Legally OK.) Does the same go for Albuterol? How about Beny?

I’m in a similar boat, about to start a Clen cycle. But if cheap and available I’d be interested in switching things up to see how we compare.

The sides that some experience from clen scare me. I’d rather do DNP than to try clen. Though, that opinion may change as time goes on.

Albuterol is just as easy to obtain as clen is here. It was just a personal choice to take it over clen. I’ve lost a lot of body fat on albuterol thus far, while maintaining muscle mass (even on a cut). My only fear is that I’m not appropriately dosing ketotifen (which is also easy to obtain) in order to keep the results coming due to downregulation.

I have base access so beny could be pennies on the dollar. Though, with Japanese insurance, I’m probably getting albuterol + keto for the same price. Also, there’s a debate on whether beny is even effective or not. I’d prefer to be on the safe side and just take keto (in the right dose, hopefully).

Alright…good to know. I’ll see about maybe switching over. Hopefully someone can chime in on the proper dosing for the original question