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Is it possible to have a limited carb up on a CKD or a TKD AFTER a heavy workout to replenish muscle glycogen and still re-renter ketosis shortly afterwards. the assumption I make is that your muscles would be more sensitive to glycogen after you train and hence, your blood glucose levels should not rise from a post w’o carb up. is this right?

I’m experiencing that right now. I’m on the T-dawg diet now for 5 weeks. Even on my high carb days, 100 grams, most of which I consume post workout. 2 scoops of Surge, which is 49 grams of carbs, I have checked the Keto sticks and have re-entered ketosis the following day. Lots of factors involved, and remember being in ketosis is not necessarily and indicator of how much fat your burning.

When carbing down, and increase in glycogen synthetase (an enzyme responsible for conversition of carbs into glycogen) causes conversion to happen at a fast rate. I specualte that this combined with the need for replenishment would allow you to re-enter ketosis shortly. PaulB is the better authority though.