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On one of the other boards, someone posted that they did not lose weight on a Keto diet eating 65% protein, 30% fat and 5% carbs. One of the responses was that you needto have a nutrient profile of 30% protein, 65% fat and 5% carbs, for a Keto diet to be successful. The reason for this according to the “poster” was that 58% of protein is converted into glucose. Reality? On another note, will a couple glasses of wine and or whiskey throw you out of Ketosis?

Ketogenic diets only work in the absence of carbohydrates. When protein is as high as it is when 65% is ingested, certain amino acids are deaminated by a process called glyconeogenesis. ‘Glyco’ meaning sugar and ‘Genesis’ meaning creation. The ‘Neo’ implies that glycogen isn’t being created from glucose, but from amino acids. Read the article about the Anabolic Diet. Protein works out to be not much more than 1 gram per pound if memory serves.