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Can i remind you Lo Carb freaks that ketones are harmful and that some carbs are needed to burn fat in the energy cycle. Eat what your ancestors ate and remember, what goes in and doesnt get burnt, built, or otherwise metabolised(thats going on my rap album)gets stored, or excreted. Thats the secret. Ask a dietician.

Can I remind you ACE certified personal trainers that most dieticians give the worst, most outdated advice ever offered?

And rik can i remind you that only a few diets will result in true ketosis and even then its only for a short period of time. Ive got a good website for you. www.naafa.com

Harmful in what way? And I don’t mind excreting fat. It’s easier than burning it.

Ketosis is not harmfull. Want proof? Epileptic children spend years in deep ketosis without any damage. In fact, it HELPS them with their disease. (thus, perhaps ketones are not harmful, but beneficial). Eat what my ancestors ate, eh? My ancestors for 2 million years ate nothing but meat with some fruits and vegetables, not pasta, rice, and coke. (wait a sec, that means my ancestors ate a relatively low-carb diet.) But I will agree with you on your last point…if you put it in your mouth, you’re gonna end up wearing it.

That was a pretty funny comeback. :wink:

Rik - you seem like a dumb fuck.

Oh, are they? Then explain how the esquimos (and others) survived till this day on a meat and fish diet, you dumb fuck.

And i forgot to mention that or ancestors ate LOW CARB you ignorant bastard.

You managed to get me angry.

Ask a dietician, you are a moron, I’ll bet you still believe in Santa Claus! Ask a dietician, hahahahahaha, this has to be a joke!

I’ll kill you if you post your bull shit again :slight_smile:

this whole thread is hilarious… like so: hahahahahahahahaha

Ease up on the aggro guys. Perhaps a little more CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. We are all here to learn which is why i want some evidence and research to refute or support what is in the books and journals. I realise no-one knows everything. Just trying to help. That is why i am perepared to ask questions here, and challenge the status quo at university.
To the less intelligent comments.
Reacting with anger indicates insecurity. If you were so sure you would have more to offer than grunts such as dumb fuck. Kill me? post your address. we’ll see. What r u gonna do, bench press me?

I’ve been thinking why did your thread made me so mad. I havent come to any conclusion. Maybe i’m just angry for other reasons.

You didn’t ask any question in your thread, you just exposed a bunch of crapy arguments using a arrogant tone, wich, thinking about it, was what bothered me. You wouldn’t bother me if you asked questios, but you don’t, you just give shity advice.

Esquimos did survive primarily on meat yes. But other races?.
This is from http://www.beyondveg.com/ nicholson-w/hb/hb-interview1b.shtml#paleo m-eating evid "The real controversy in paleontology right now is whether the earliest forms of hominids were truly “hunters,” or more opportunistic “scavengers” making off with pieces of kills brought down by other predators, not whether we ate flesh food itself as a portion of our diet or not.[7]

There are many other examples of people living on low carb diets. It’s only logical, if grains were only domesticated 10 000 years ago in China we had to get most of our calories from other sources.

Maybe in the beggining, before we started to hunt we were “scavengers”, i dont know. The point is low carb diets are safe, if they weren’t we wouldn’t be here today.

Oh man, this shit is funny. LOL at LL “Rik - you seem like a dumb fuck”.

Rik,you are a DUMD FUCK!!!I make my living putting clients on keto diets to lose weight,and I have no unsatisfied clients.Keto diets are best for fatloss,case closed.The only people that critise the diet without trying it are FAT DUMD FUCKS,much like yourself.Have a nice day,you just PISSED OFF milions.

While I agree that the post was idiotic I can’t agree that all dietitians are mindless with respect to bodybuilding nutrition. I am a RD and publish quite often on T-Mag (Alternative Pharmacist, Bloodhound Scientist, etc.). A ketotic diet in a diabetic can be deathly, in a normal person like you or I can be beneficial in weight control. The same holds true in overweight kids and adults.

If you want to use anthropology as an example, yes, early ancestors were hunter/scavengers, but they ate meat as often as they possibly could. Why do you think we came down out of the trees in the first place? Our evolving bodies needed more and more protein from animal sources just to feed itself.