I just started a Keto type diet and I’m getting most of my calories from protein, will I still reach ketosis or do I need to get most of my calories from fat? I’m keeping carbs down to 20 grams a day. Also, is using Androsol and Methoxy both, to keep muscle gains while dieting, over kill? Thanks for any help.

Protein is not the most important thing on a keto diet,fat intake is.Most beleive protein will save muscle on a diet,but this is only true on a low calorie diet.On a keto things change because your body is using predominately fat as fuel as opposed to carbs and protein.It should be noted that at any given time the body is using energy from all three,but depending on how you manipulate your diet and hormones,that will dictate which fuel source will dominate.In my experience fat rules,70% and higher of calories should come from fats.Dont try consuming maintainance or below maintainance calorie intakes,this will prove to be highly catabolic on a keto.Dont go near whey protein as this will raise insulin levels,in fact stay a way from protein powders period,stick to food.

Why does Whey stimulate inusuline release? I live onthis stuff when I’m on a keto-like diet.


Wheys bad for insulin because its a fast-acting protein. Processed foods (such as protein powders) get digested and absorbed more rapidly and therefore cause a more rapid insulin response than unprocessed foods.

Eating sweet-tasting foods can also be bad for insulin because of the cephalic phase response.

Are you checking for ketosis thru your urine stix?Ive never been a fan of whey,always thought it caused me and my clients to gain fat.

First off, are you on a keto diet to lose fat?..if so, you better as hell make sure you are hypocaloric! It drives me crazy when people post that you shouldn’t be hypocaloric on a keto–unless you are using keto to gain. Point is, on any diet to lose fat–you want to be in a catabolic state, and the point of keto is to provide the best insurance policy against losing lean mass (verdict still out on it however)…so i don’t know what wstrnr (sp?) is talking about unless his clients are looking for lean gain…As mentioned, whey is quick digesting, thus increasing the insulin response and possibly interrupting ketosis. Its an individual thing on keto diets regarding how much fat you need to get in and stay in (ketosis). For me, a breakdown of the following gets me in ketosis and this is what i use when dieting:
kcal/day: around 2090 (maintenance 3000-3100)
Carbs: <30
Fat: Around 70-75g
Protein: around 250-280 (Depending on day, kcal level).
I consider myself knowledgable on the keto diet, and not to be arrogant, but lets be specific when we talk about how we are using keto diets and what supps we are using when dieting. For any FAT LOSS diet, hypocalories are necessary–there is no way around it-PLAIN and SIMPLE.

I don’t believe in totally Keto diets. There, I said it. I’m not going deep into the science of it, because I don’t feel like it. You might want to check out Animabolics. A TKD or Targeted Keto Diet would be better. You still should be taking in post-workout carbs, like Surge, and 1-2 hours after training, eat a carb+protein meal, but all OTHER food should be fat+protein with the exception of maybe an apple 15 mins before training. Whey protein isn’t bad, and I would never recommend anyone not to use it on a keto-type diet. With this diet, you may never actually get into ketosis, but you’ll see your body drop fat like crazy, and you’ll still be able to add muscle due to the timed carbs. Ketosis is not actually good for you. It’s not healthy, and it won’t help you add muscle. I would just use the Androsol if I were you, but Methoxy doesn’t work for me anyway, so I’m not a good source of opinion on that.

Ketosis isn’t healthy? It may not be ideal, but I don’t believe it’s unhealthy. The Inuit live half the year in ketosis. Epileptic children spend years at a time in deep ketosis without ill effects. Using ketones as fuel is just a different pattern of fuel utilization that our bodies evolved to cope with long cold winters and periods of low cals/starvation. Personally I go low carb instead of no carb for insulin sensitivity issues, but my point is that burning ketones isn’t going to cut short your life.

This T.K.D idea is garbage.My reason is this:when you eat carbs ,your brain secretes a hormone called “neuropeptide Y” which more carbs,so eating carbs makes you jones for more carbs.

WSTRAINER - When I’m walking down the street and I see a super hot chick I have this uncontrollable urge to jump-and-hump, but I don’t. You see I developed this personal character attribute I like to call discipline. It helps me control the urge to act on my cravings. Using your logic there would be a lot of women in my neighborhood with posttraumatic stress disorder and I would ultimately be forced by the authorities to ingest huge amounts of soy to keep my testosterone in check. Fortunately, neither is the case and therefore it may also be true that any thing other than deep ketosis isn’t just crap.

Its hard to take advice from someone who promotes a diet and training program saying how you will lose tons of fat and keep muscle mass… then later on informs you that he was on juice and didnt think that “detail” was important to mention.

Im not sure we’re on the same page.If supposedly there are two ways to go about a keto diet,which one is optimal,C.K.D or T.K.D?what is the main idea behind the T.K.D?If the T.K.D. is so great,why didnt Duchaine or DiPasquale ever mention it?

My steroids were not a secret,in fact it was my first cycle and anyone who asked if Im on got an honest answer,If i thought it was wrong I would’nt be doing it.Anyways,what does taking steroids have to do with my knowledge.Are you a recreational lifter or a trainer?I happen to be a trainer,and a damn good one.Im not afraid to ask or tell the truth.People pay large bucks to have as there trainer because I get results fast.So dont take my advice,follow this T.K.D bullshit and get fat and weak.Everyone always has an answer but nobody follows their own advice.If this T.K.D is so great, why does a guy like me who spends 30-50 hours in a gym on weekly basis never heard of it.How much experience do you have with keto diets?For a hobby I actually train bodybuilders,one is a new I.F.B.B pro,and we have always followed the C.K.D.because when you put that much time and money for a show,theres no time for experiments,but since you have more first hand knowledge than me,maybe i should rethink my diet strategies,maybe the guys I train will still get first place.WSTRAINER.